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Quinhentos funcionários sem trabalho devido a suspensão da transportadora Maning Nice

Five hundred employees out of work due to suspension of the carrier Maning Nice

About 500 workers, including permanent and seasonal, of the Maning Nice transporter were left without a source of income due to the paralysis of activities. The company, headquartered in Nampula, recently announced that it has suspended its activities due to the advanced state of degradation of the EN1 road, which connects the north and south of the country. Transportadora Maning Nice...

Inhambane: Aumenta fluxo migratório na retoma da actividade turística

Inhambane: Migratory flow increases with the resumption of tourism activity

In Inhambane the migratory flow increases as a result of the resumption of tourism activity after the restrictions imposed by the Covid- 19 pandemic. Last April alone, a migratory movement was registered at the air crossings of the cities of Inhambane and Vilankulo of more than four thousand and five hundred tourists, according to RM. The spokeswoman

OMT diz que turismo mundial recupera com dobro dos viajantes no 1.º trimestre

WTO says world tourism rebounds as travelers double in Q1

The World Tourism Organization (WTO), revealed on Tuesday, that international tourism shows signs of recovering at a good pace, with figures for the first quarter of 2023 showing that travelers were double those recorded a year ago. Data released by the OMT barometer of world tourism, indicate that, international arrivals reached...

Moçambique participa da maior feira de turismo africano Indaba-2023

Mozambique participates in Africa's largest tourism fair Indaba-2023

Mozambique is among the twenty African countries present in Durban, which will present over 350 tourism products in the great showcase of the continent. The Mozambican delegation, which is headed by the Minister of Culture and Tourism, Eldevina Materula includes exhibitors, among others, from the areas of travel agencies, airlines and hotels. Materula announced that the...

Inhambane projecta zona económica especial de turismo

Inhambane projects special economic zone for tourism

The northern region of Inhambane province may be declared a special economic zone for tourism, a strategy to boost the attraction of more investments to stimulate the socio-economic and tourism development of this region of the country. According to Notícias online, the special economic zone should cover the districts of Vilankulo, Inhassoro, Govuro, Massinga and Mabote,...

LAM e FMA constituem equipas de trabalho

LAM and FMA form working teams

Mozambique Airlines (LAM) is creating teams in different areas of the state company to work on the restructuring of the company, whose management has, since Tuesday, the support of the consultancy firm Fly Modern Ark (FMA). Since April 18, the management of our flagship company began to count on the support of a consultancy firm...

Aviões interditos de aterrar no aeroporto de Lisboa

Planes banned from landing at Lisbon airport

The landings at Lisbon airport were suspended today for an hour, due to a 'drone' that endangered the safety of air navigation, having reopened operations with normality at 11:27, told Lusa NAV source. A drone endangered the safety of air navigation. For an hour were suspended the...

Operadores turísticos e artistas interagem com ministra da cultura turismo em Vilankulo

Tour operators and artists interact with minister of culture tourism in Vilankulo

Close to 200 stakeholders in the sectors of culture and tourism, managers and owners of tourist establishments, musicians, dancers, dj's of Vilankulo, Inhambane province, held a dialogue with the Minister of Culture, Eldevina Materula. Musicians are asking for a sound system, recording studio, more events, and the operators and the Tourism Association are clamoring for the improvement of roads, roads to the...