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CIFAM: Ministério de Agricultura e parceiros lançam plataforma para financiamento ao sector agrário

CIFAM: Ministry of Agriculture and partners launch platform for financing the agrarian sector

A multi-sectoral working group, which includes the Mozambican Association of Banks (AMB), Ministry of Industry and Trade (MIC), Bank of Mozambique (BM), Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF), the Confederation of Economic Associations (CTA), led by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MADER) launched yesterday in Maputo the platform for Inter-sectoral Coordination of Mechanisms...

Bancada da Frelimo diz que Fundo Soberano precisa de mais subsídios

Frelimo Caucus says Sovereign Wealth Fund needs more subsidies

The Frelimo parliamentary bench defended yesterday, the postponement of the debate on the draft law that creates the Sovereign Fund in order to deepen the debate. According to the leader of the Frelimo parliamentary bench, Sergio Pantie, who was speaking in the Assembly of the Republic, during his speech at the closing of the VII Session, this postponement aims, essentially, to collect more...

PM defende implantação de uma indústria de processamento local dos recursos minerais

PM defends the implantation of a local processing industry for mineral resources

The Prime Minister, Adriano Maleiane today challenged the national and international investors to bet on the implementation of the mineral resources processing industry at local level in order to add value to the Mozambican extractive industry. According to Maleiane, who made this statement in Pemba, Cabo Delgado province, at the opening of the Energy and Industry Summit, the...

Moeda única africana é uma utopia, defende analista

Single African currency is a utopia, says analyst

African states operate on utopias that are important for development, one of them being the creation of a single currency to circulate throughout the African continent, argues analyst Calton Cadeado. ?We have reached a level of blockage that does not allow us to believe in the achievement of this utopia within the framework of agenda 2063,? said the analyst in a...

?Procura de veículos eléctricos vai impulsionar economias da África subsaariana, incluindo a de Moçambique? ? S&P

Demand for electric vehicles will drive sub-Saharan African economies, including Mozambique's? ? S&P

Standard & Poor's says that the increase in demand for minerals, such as cobalt or graphite, to sustain diversification away from polluting fuels will benefit the economies of sub-Saharan Africa, including Mozambique. For Standard & Poor's (S&P) analysts, "several sub-Saharan African economies that export raw materials, in particular those located...

Primeiro-ministro defende maior ligação entre centros de produção agrícola e mercados

Prime Minister defends greater connection between agricultural production centers and markets

The Prime Minister, Adriano Maleiane, defended yesterday, during the ceremony of taking over the general director of the Mozambique Cereals Institute (ICM), Alfredo da Piedade Nampuio, replacing Momed Valá, the establishment of a bigger link between the production centers and the markets, through the promotion of commercialization of the agricultural production surplus. For Adriano