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Moçambique pode banir exportação de minério bruto

Mozambique may ban raw ore exports

The Ministry of Mineral Resources and Energy (MIREME) is working with the main players in the sector to ensure that mineral resources exploited in the country are exported after being processed. The aim is to maximize the gains from the exploitation of mineral resources and promote the country's industrial development by processing...

Província de Gaza projecta retoma da produção de trigo

Gaza province projects recovery in wheat production

The Lower Limpopo Irrigation District, in the town of Xai-Xai in Gaza, is going to relaunch wheat cultivation, which had been discontinued in the province for around 50 years. According to the governor of that province, Margarida Mapanzene, the first sowing should start soon, as a result of cooperation with the Chinese company Wambao, which also grows...

Tribunal Administrativo prepara-se para fiscalizar a gestão do Fundo o Soberano

Administrative Court prepares to review the management of the Sovereign Wealth Fund

The Administrative Court (TA) guarantees that it is monitoring all the legislation on the Mozambique Sovereign Fund (FSM) in order to define how to act within its powers in terms of auditing public accounts. According to the adviser to the Administrative Court, Sousa Massingue, who was speaking on a panel on strengthening the relevant institutions in the management of the FSM, at the...

Seca e excesso de chuva comprometem produção de milhares de agricultores do sul e centro do País

Drought and excessive rainfall jeopardize the production of thousands of farmers in the south and center of the country

At least one million agricultural producers in the central and southern regions of the country have had their production for the current season compromised due to adverse climatic factors since the start of the first production season. According to the president of the National Disaster Management Institute (INGD), Luísa Meque, who was speaking yesterday, Thursday (09) in...

Sociedade civil sugere implementação equilibrada do Fundo Soberano

Civil society suggests balanced implementation of the Sovereign Wealth Fund

Civil society organizations are advocating the adoption of strategies that allow a balance between savings and consumption in the implementation of the Sovereign Wealth Fund in Mozambique, so that the revenues from the exploitation of natural resources can benefit present and future generations. Speaking yesterday, Wednesday (08), during the International Conference on the Sovereign Fund, Moisés...

Maputo acolhe amanhã o lançamento da conferência africana de ciências agronómicas

Maputo hosts the launch of the African conference on agricultural sciences tomorrow

Tomorrow, Thursday (9), Maputo city will host the official launch of the timer for the 13th Conference of the African Society of Agronomic Sciences, to be held from September 16 to 19 at the Eduardo Mondlane University (UEM) Campus. The event is intended to publicize the criteria for participation in the 13th Conference of the African Society of Agricultural Sciences....

Importações de Bens caíram 31,2% para 9,1 MM$ no ano passado

Imports of goods fell 31.2% to 9.1 MM$ last year

In 2023, Mozambique saw a decrease of 31.2% in imports of goods, totaling 9.1 billion dollars, equivalent to 44.4% of GDP, fundamentally reflecting the 76% reduction in spending on invoices for Major Project (GP) goods. The data is contained in the annual balance of payments bulletin, released recently...