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“Participação da ENH com investimentos dos Emirados Árabes Unidos foi ´mau negócio´” – conclui estudo

"ENH's participation with investments from the United Arab Emirates was 'bad business'" - concludes study

The Mozambican government made a bad deal by financing the participation of the state company, Empresa Nacional de Hidrocarbonetos (ENH) in the Rovuma natural gas exploration contracts with investments made from the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The conclusion comes from the Center for Public Integrity (CIP), which speaks of annual losses in taxes withheld...

Fronteira de paragem única entre Moçambique e África do Sul só deverá estar operacional em 2027

One-stop border between Mozambique and South Africa not expected to be operational until 2027

The government guaranteed on Thursday (09) that the one-stop border between Mozambique and South Africa should be operational by January 2027. According to the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC), Ambrósio Sitoe, who was speaking during the 8th Maputo Port Conference, the process is underway...

Operadoras de telefonia móvel anunciam novos pacotes após intensa contestação social

Mobile operators announce new packages after intense social protest

Mozambique's National Communications Institute (INCM) and mobile phone operators announced yesterday that they will be launching specific packages for young people aged between 16 and 25. The measure comes after intense social protest over the new mobile phone tariffs approved by the regulator. These are promotional packages with discounts...

Niassa vai passar a produzir Clínquer a partir de Agosto próximo

Niassa to start producing Clinker next August

Niassa province, in the north of the country, will start producing 200,000 tons of clinker a year from next August. This is the raw material used to produce different types of construction cement, which will be produced on one of the lines of the cement factory in the Chimbonila district of Niassa....

Importações de Bens caíram 31,2% para 9,1 MM$ no ano passado

Imports of goods fell 31.2% to 9.1 MM$ last year

In 2023, Mozambique saw a decrease of 31.2% in imports of goods, totaling 9.1 billion dollars, equivalent to 44.4% of GDP, fundamentally reflecting the 76% reduction in spending on invoices for Major Project (GP) goods. The data is contained in the annual balance of payments bulletin, released recently...

Amazon lança serviço de compras online na África do Sul

Amazon launches online shopping service in South Africa

Amazon has just launched its online shopping service in South Africa today, challenging a number of online retailers dominated by Naspers. Analysts believe that Amazon's entry into the most developed economy on the African continent is a strategy to take advantage of the country's development potential and expand into other...