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EDM e Africa50 aliam-se na construção de novas centrais solares em Moçambique

EDM and Africa50 join forces to build new solar power plants in Mozambique

Electricidade de Moçambique (EDM) has announced a partnership with Africa50 to develop new solar power plants in Cabo Delgado and Nampula. The projects include solar parks and a floating solar plant on the Chicamba dam. In a statement, quoted by DW, EDM said it had signed a memorandum of understanding with Africa50 for the "development of...

?Os empresários devem investir no Capital Social quando criam as suas empresas? ? Octávio Mutemba

Entrepreneurs should invest in share capital when they set up their companies? ? Octávio Mutemba

Moza Banco recently took part in the First Edition of the Mozambique-European Union Investment Forum, Global Gateway, a conference that discussed investment opportunities for the country, especially in terms of channeling foreign capital for Mozambique's development. Represented by the head of Institutional and Protocols, Octávio Mutemba, the Bank discussed the...

Capitalizar microfinanceiras para criar sistema financeiro mais inclusivo

Capitalizing microfinance companies to create a more inclusive financial system

Professionalizing, modernizing and capitalizing microfinance institutions are indispensable activities for creating a more inclusive financial system? - said economist António Souto, who was re-elected on November 30 at the General Assembly of the Mozambican Association of Microfinance Operators (AMOMIF) for another term at the head of this socio-economic organization. The report...

FNDS disponibiliza 15 milhoes de dólares para financiar agricultura na Zambézia

FNDS provides 15 million dollars to finance agriculture in Zambezia

The National Fund for Sustainable Development (FNDS) will make 15 million dollars available to finance small and medium-sized companies operating in the agribusiness sector. The amount, which varies between 6 and 63 million meticais, is specifically aimed at those operating in the field of seed production and processing and cashew agro-processing. José...

Pesos pesados citados em esquema de aquisição de DUAT de terras ricas em minerais para depois exigir indemnizações a empresas de exploração

Heavyweights cited in scheme to acquire DUATs for mineral-rich land and then demand compensation from exploration companies

A group of seven well-positioned citizens are demanding compensation from Grafex Limitada, a subsidiary of Triton Minerals, for giving away graphite-rich land in the Ancuabe district of Cabo Delgado province. According to the newspaper Evidências, these individuals obtained the Land Use Rights in 2015 after finding out...