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O MZ News is an information portal with a global vision of the Mozambican and international economy, and includes in its scope other
categories with current news. The work is done by a team of young people with years of experience in the communication sector that puts it in the ranks of the best, not to be so, but to make a difference with content of value, quality and trust.

O MZNews is committed to bringing true, public-interest information to readers around the world,
discouraging the sensationalist practices that have come to dominate journalism. Furthermore, it has the mission of taking the lead in its
social responsibility in many ways, as a body that works for the development of society.

The Portal MZNews.co.mz  proposes to value the best of the national economy to the world, as well as look at steps taken by
countries in the region and international cooperation and bring them to the readers here. To this end, the constituted team will follow every step of socio-economic development.
The information provided on the site is professionally accurate, and reserves the right to interpret the data and bring to the attention of all interested parties.
the alignment that may exist between them, always remaining impartial and transparent.
In keeping with the principles of journalism, MZNews guarantees to keep the identity of its sources of information confidential, distancing itself from
any kind of corrosive practices and deprivation of freedom of speech.

The Site MZNews.co.mz  is also an open vehicle to give voice and value to all actors in society who want to address
impacting topics, with each author reserving to himself the responsibility for the content of this information.


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Valdo Mlhongo

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Ana Rodrigues Esteves