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Filipe Nyusi convida empresários argelinos a investir em Moçambique

Filipe Nyusi invites Algerian businessmen to invest in Mozambique

The President of the Republic, Filipe Nyusi, on Friday (1) invited Algerian businessmen to invest in Mozambique, especially in the mining, energy, tourism and fisheries sectors. For the Mozambican statesman, who was speaking during a meeting with a group of businesspeople from that country as part of his four-day working visit, there are privileged...

Inhambane: Vandalização de um Posto de Transformação deixa 200 famílias sem energia na Massinga

Inhambane: Vandalization of a Transformer Station leaves 200 families without power in Massinga

Around 200 families are without electricity in the district of Massinga, Inhambane province, as a result of the vandalization of a Transformer Station (PT) by unknown individuals. According to a note from the company Electricidade de Moçambique (EDM), the vandalization consisted of the removal of the cable that feeds the PT, along the...

Carlos Matsinhe afirma que a CNE está a trabalhar para as eleições gerais sejam livres e justas

Carlos Matsinhe says the CNE is working to ensure that the general elections are free and fair

The president of the National Electoral Commission (CNE), Anglican bishop Carlos Matsinhe, promised on Thursday that the CNE is working to ensure that everything goes smoothly in the presidential, legislative and provincial elections scheduled for October 9. Bishop Carlos Matsinhe is struggling to rebuild the CNE's credibility after...

Malfeitores incendeiam residência do procurador distrital de Manica

Evildoers set fire to Manica district attorney's residence

Unknown assailants set fire to the official residence of the Manica district attorney in the early hours of Thursday morning (29). This is the third such incident against the judiciary in Manica province in the space of a month. Recently, the office of the chief prosecutor in the city of Chimoio was broken into at a time when there were no security guards. According to a...

Cabo Delgado: Especialistas pedem integração económica dos deslocados

Cabo Delgado: Experts call for economic integration of displaced people

Mozambican experts advocate the economic integration of families who have been victims of the terrorist attacks in Cabo Delgado. According to the rector of Joaquim Chissano University, Jamisse Taimo, the current model for assisting the victims of armed violence in Cabo Delgado does not solve the problem of the displaced, but on the contrary perpetuates the situation of beggars, because many of them have lost...

?Moçambique está relativamente estável apesar da nova onda de terrorismo? ? Filipe Nyusi

?Mozambique is relatively stable despite the new wave of terrorism? ? Filipe Nyusi

The President of the Republic said on Thursday (29) that Mozambique enjoys relative stability despite the terrorism and violent extremism that, since October 2017, have affected some districts in the north of Cabo Delgado province. Speaking in the Algerian capital, Algiers, at the end of talks between the two countries, where the delegations signed legal instruments...