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As oportunidades de crescimento na economia dos e-sports 

Growth opportunities in the e-sports economy 

In the digital age, new opportunities for technology, entertainment and competition are emerging in the form of e-sports. Previously considered a niche culture, the sport of e-sports has evolved into a very lucrative industry and is experiencing unprecedented growth, with estimates at 1.8 billion dollars a year. Below we look at the main factors driving the strong growth...

Portugal vai aplicar renovação automática de visto para imigrantes

Portugal to apply automatic visa renewal for immigrants

Portugal will automatically renew or extend the residence or stay visas of immigrants with no criminal record or other weighting factor, according to the local press. Last Thursday, the Portuguese government approved the regulatory decree that establishes the ?legal regime for the entry, stay, exit and removal of foreigners from the territory...

Israel pondera inundar com água do mar rede de túneis do Hamas em Gaza

Israel considers flooding Hamas tunnel network in Gaza with seawater

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) are considering going ahead with the plan orchestrated in November to flood the webs of tunnels under the Gaza Strip used by the Palestinian group Hamas with water. The Israeli military has already installed water pumps about 1.6 kilometers north of the Al-Shati refugee camp. A...

Renamo neutraliza suposto espião do SISE na cidade de Nampula

Renamo neutralizes alleged SISE spy in Nampula city

Renamo identified and neutralized two armed plainclothes police officers during demonstrations on Wednesday (06) in the city of Nampula. According to the Electoral Bulletin of the Center for Public Integrity, it emerged from the investigations that one of the confessed agents is in fact a member of the Police of the Republic of Mozambique. However, the other, who...

Nacala- Porto: Incendiada escola onde o Conselho Constitucional mandou repetir eleições

Nacala- Porto: School set on fire where Constitutional Council ordered repeat elections

The Murupelane Complete Primary School, in Nacala-Porto, Nampula province, was set on fire at dawn on Wednesday, according to the Electoral Bulletin of the Center for Public Integrity (CIP). The perpetrators of the fire are unknown. The Constitutional Council (CC) ordered that voting for local elections be repeated at some of the school's polling stations. The same document states that there were...

CIP denuncia venda de nacionalidade moçambicana com a intermediação de juristas ou advogados da praça

CIP denounces the sale of Mozambican nationality through the intermediation of legal experts or lawyers in the area

Mozambican nationality has been sold for between 40,000 and 150,000 meticais in Mozambique, in a scheme that starts at the Central Registry Office and ends at the Ministry of the Interior, involving legal intermediaries or lawyers, reveals an investigation by the Center for Public Integrity (CIP), published today. However, the amount...