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Acusado de atentar contra um camarada Caifadine Manasse processa criminalmente 23 deputados da Frelimo

Caifadine Manasse accused of attacking a comrade prosecutes 23 Frelimo MPs

The Front for the Liberation of Mozambique (Frelimo) deputy, Caifadine Manasse, sued 23 deputies of his party elected by the Zambezia electoral cycle for alleged public offense against him. In his criminal complaint, Caifadine Manasse explained that during the II ordinary session of the Zambezia Provincial Committee, the Electoral Circle of Zambezia...

Bichos de Cá, Bichos de Lá?: exposição e mesa-redonda celebram biodiversidade na Galeria do Porto de Maputo

Bichos de Cá, Bichos de Lá?: exhibition and round table celebrate biodiversity at the Maputo Port Gallery

Osuwela and the Port of Maputo will inaugurate on June 5th, at 3pm, the exhibition ?Bichos de Cá, Bichos de Lá?, a photography exhibition that celebrates biodiversity. On World Environment Day, three countries ? Mozambique, Portugal and Brazil ? unite to show their most characteristic fauna, which is the most...

Lançada primeira edição do Prémio Literário Mia Couto

First edition of the Mia Couto Literary Award is launched

Kornelder Mozambique and the Kulemba Association launched the debut edition of the Mia Couto Literary Award, this Saturday, in the city of Beira, Sofala. The award honors the Mozambican writer and biologist António Emílio Leite Couto (Mia Couto), born in the city of Beira. It aims to stimulate quality literary production in the country and annually...

Hospital de Nampula abarrotado de jovens com AVC no primeiro trimestre. Recebeu 18 casos em três dias

Nampula Hospital crammed with young people with strokes in the first quarter. It received 18 cases in three days

The Central Hospital of Nampula (HCN) received 68 cases of stroke in the first quarter of the year. In three days it received 18 cases of young people, between 18 and 30 years old, with stroke. According to the HCN Neurologist, Frederico Sebastião, among the main causes of the disease are smoking, excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages,...

Incêndio destrói fábrica e armazém de pipocas na Beira

Fire destroys popcorn factory and warehouse in Beira

A fire of large proportions reduced to ashes a popcorn factory and the warehouse of raw materials, on Friday (02), in the industrial zone of Pioneiros, in the city of Beira, Sofala. According to Notícias, the fire was caused by a short circuit inside the warehouse. The proportion of the flames threatened to reach surrounding buildings. It was necessary to...

INAE multa em até um milhão de meticais promotores de conteúdo impróprio em festas infantis

INAE fines promoters of inappropriate content in children's parties up to one million meticais

The National Inspection of Economic Activities (INAE) warns that the provision or facilitation of inappropriate content for minors at children's parties scheduled for this weekend will lead to penalties. Speaking this Friday on the role of INAE in the protection of children's rights, Gabriel Chongo, the institution's delegate in the city of Maputo,...