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?Aumento das reservas obrigatórias aos bancos comerciais pode ter consequências imprevisíveis?

Increase in reserve requirements for commercial banks could have unforeseeable consequences?

Businessmen warn that the increase in compulsory reserves required of Mozambican commercial banks may have unforeseeable consequences for the country's financial system. At issue is the increase in reserves that banks must keep with the central bank (parked money, without remuneration): the regulator decided this week to raise the coefficients to 39% of liabilities...

Banco Mundial apoia no abastecimento de água às famílias vulneráveis na Beira

World Bank supports water supply to vulnerable families in Beira

The Mozambican Government announced yesterday in Beira city subsidies for needy families to have access to water supply networks in four central and northern provinces of the country. The Minister of Public Works, Housing and Water Resources revealed yesterday that ?the Government of Mozambique and the World Bank have agreed to implement a program of water supply...

CIP diz que cortes nos salários dos dirigentes são ?insignificantes?

CIP says leaders' pay cuts are ?insignificant?

The Center for Public Integrity (CIP) considers "insignificant? the cuts in salaries of state leaders, intended to contain spending on pay. Reductions in the salaries of deputies, ministers and other holders of public bodies and the administration of justice, under the Single Wage Scale (TSU) were approved by consensus and in...

Syrah Resources nega ilegalidade no despedimento de trabalhadores em Balama

Syrah Resources denies illegality in the dismissal of workers in Balama

The company Syrah Resources, which explores graphite in Cabo Delgado, said yesterday that the expelled workers have incurred disciplinary proceedings after being involved in an ?illegal strike? at its mine in Balama. According to the company, in a statement quoted by Lusa, given the extensive and illegal nature of the actions undertaken by the group, proceedings were eventually instituted...

África do Sul garante que vai respeitar a decisão do tribunal para extraditar Chang para os EUA

South Africa assures that it will respect the court's decision to extradite Chang to the US

The South African government reiterated that it will abide by the decision of the Constitutional Court to extradite to the United States the former Mozambican Finance Minister Manuel Chang, detained in South Africa since 2018 at the request of Washington. According to a notification sent to the Constitutional Court in Johannesburg, to which Lusa had access, it refers...

Institutos politécnicos de Portugal mostram investigação e estreitam relações com empresas em Moçambique

Portugal's polytechnic institutes showcase research and strengthen relations with companies in Mozambique

Portuguese polytechnic institutes are on a mission to the USA and Mozambique to strengthen relations with business and show the best of what they do in terms of research and development. To show the best of what is done in Portugal in terms of research and development in polytechnics, to foster a closer connection with the business...

Custo de vida pode piorar devido ao excesso de dinheiro nos bancos

Cost of living may worsen due to excess cash in banks

The Bank of Mozambique (BM) warns that the excess of money in the national banking system can raise the cost of living in the country, so the Monetary Policy Committee decided to increase the rate of deposits that financial institutions must make per obligation at the BM as reserves, by 11%. The Reserve Ratios...