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Mnb: Campanha de Guerrilha Censurada

Mnb: Guerrilla Campaign Censored

Innovative Guerrilla Campaign and Pioneering Presence on the Tinder Platform: Mnb Agency Reinvents Communication and Advertising in Maputo. The Mnb agency (Maningue Nice Brand) is redefining the boundaries of communication and advertising with an innovative guerrilla campaign that extends to digital media. It stands out as the first agency to explore the platform...

FNDS disponibiliza 15 milhoes de dólares para financiar agricultura na Zambézia

FNDS provides 15 million dollars to finance agriculture in Zambezia

The National Fund for Sustainable Development (FNDS) will make 15 million dollars available to finance small and medium-sized companies operating in the agribusiness sector. The amount, which varies between 6 and 63 million meticais, is specifically aimed at those operating in the field of seed production and processing and cashew agro-processing. José...

CFM vai investir 376 milhões de dólares na compra de 10 locomotivas

CFM to invest 376 million dollars in the purchase of 10 locomotives

Mozambique, through the state-owned company Caminhos de Ferro de Moçambique, is about to buy a total of 10 locomotives from the Indian state-owned company Rail India Technical and Economic Service (RITES). This is a recent award (this November), in a deal worth 37.6 million US dollars. In a note to the Indian stock exchange, to which the...

Pesos pesados citados em esquema de aquisição de DUAT de terras ricas em minerais para depois exigir indemnizações a empresas de exploração

Heavyweights cited in scheme to acquire DUATs for mineral-rich land and then demand compensation from exploration companies

A group of seven well-positioned citizens are demanding compensation from Grafex Limitada, a subsidiary of Triton Minerals, for giving away graphite-rich land in the Ancuabe district of Cabo Delgado province. According to the newspaper Evidências, these individuals obtained the Land Use Rights in 2015 after finding out...

Moçambique é o sexto pior país do mundo com elevado risco de branqueamento de capitais e financiamento ao terrorismo

Mozambique is the sixth worst country in the world with a high risk of money laundering and terrorist financing

Mozambique is the sixth worst country in the world, out of 203, with a high risk of money laundering and terrorist financing, according to the International Center for Asset Recovery, cited by the Center for Public Integrity (CIP). For the CIP, this classification, which is included in the Basel AML Index, signals the country's vulnerability to...