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Sem salários há três meses: Funcionários do município de Nampula ameaçam paralisar todos serviços

No salaries for three months: Nampula municipality employees threaten to paralyze all services

Employees of the local council in the northern city of Nampula are upset with its president, Paulo Vahanle and his hard core, and are threatening to go on strike, paralyzing all the council's services. According to a report in the local newspaper Ikweli, the group of workers has already sent a letter to the provincial police command...

Árbitros internacionais moçambicanos ajuízam hoje jogo da Taça Nelson Mandela no Mali

Mozambican international referees judge today's Nelson Mandela Cup match in Mali

Mozambican international referees Celso Alvação and Simões Guambe have been appointed to the panel of judges for the match between Stade Malien (Mali) and RS Berkane (Morocco). The match is part of the second round of the group stage of the African Confederations Cup, also known as the Nelson Mandela Cup. The match, scheduled for today, Sunday,...

STAE tenta limpar a sua ?imagem? e faz levantamento dos funcionários envolvidos em ilícitos eleitorais

STAE tries to clean up its ?image? and surveys officials involved in electoral misconduct

The Technical Secretariat for Electoral Administration (STAE) has come up with a list of all the cases of electoral offenses committed and proven in the sixth local elections in October and the names of those involved for internal accountability measures. The idea, according to the body, is to go ahead with disciplinary proceedings, which could even involve the removal of those involved from...

OAM: ?Acórdão do Conselho Constitucional sobre eleições autárquicas não respondeu a questões pertinentes?

OAM: "Constitutional Council ruling on local elections fails to answer pertinent questions?

The Mozambican Bar Association (OAM) said on Saturday that the Constitutional Council's (CC) ruling on the proclamation of the October election results did not answer the pertinent and legal questions about the electoral conflict, arguing that the district courts have the power to annul elections. Reacting to the proclamation of the municipal election results by the Constitutional Council,...

Conflito Israel-Gaza já resultou na morte de 61 jornalistas

Israel-Gaza conflict has killed 61 journalists

The Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) estimates that at least 61 journalists have died in the war between Israel and Hamas, one of the bloodiest for journalism since the organization began collecting information in 1992. On December 1, the CPJ estimated the death toll at 54 Palestinians, four Israelis...

Mnb: Campanha de Guerrilha Censurada

Mnb: Guerrilla Campaign Censored

Innovative Guerrilla Campaign and Pioneering Presence on the Tinder Platform: Mnb Agency Reinvents Communication and Advertising in Maputo. The Mnb agency (Maningue Nice Brand) is redefining the boundaries of communication and advertising with an innovative guerrilla campaign that extends to digital media. It stands out as the first agency to explore the platform...

Renamo quer impedir repetição das autárquicas em Nacala e promete não entregar as chaves do município

Renamo wants to prevent a repeat of the local elections in Nacala and promises not to hand over the keys to the municipality

Renamo says it will not hand over the keys to the municipality of Nacala, let alone allow the repeat of the local elections, which the Constitutional Council (CC) ordered for December 10, to be held in two polling stations in Nacala-Porto, in the northern province of Nampula. The political delegate of the main party...