Arbitragem comercial em Moçambique carece de reformas profundas e urgentes

Commercial arbitration in Mozambique needs deep and urgent reforms

The state of arbitration in Mozambique is still incipient and underdeveloped, despite the fact that the country has a regime...
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Renamo diz que ?não vai reconhecer recenseamento eleitoral?, sem ?correção de irregularidades?

Renamo says it ?will not recognize voter registration? without ?correction of irregularities?

Renamo, the main opposition party, said today that it "will not recognize the results of the census" for the local elections...
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Quadrilha liderada por um vovô espanca curandeiro empresário

Gang led by a grandfather beats up businessman healer

A 66-year-old elderly man is accused of leading a five-man gang that robbed and beat up...
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Crescem casos de assassinato na África do Sul

Murder cases in South Africa on the rise

More than six thousand people were killed, in South Africa, from January to March this year, an increase of...
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Cidadã de 23 anos acusada de assassinar marido por ciúmes

23-year-old citizen accused of murdering husband over jealousy

A 23-year-old woman is in accounts with the Republic of Mozambique Police (PRM) on Monday...
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Triunfo: Águas da Região de Maputo Desmantela ligação clandestina na casa de um empresário

Triunfo: Maputo Region Water Dismantles Clandestine Connection in a Businessman's House

A brigade of Águas da Região Metropolitana de Maputo, (AdRMM) has just dismantled a clandestine connection in the house of...
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Angola: Fábrica recém-inaugurada já exporta guloseimas para Moçambique

Angola: Newly-opened factory already exports goodies to Mozambique

A candy factory that started its activities in Angola in October 2022 already exports its products to...
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Filipe Nyusi recebe hoje chefe da diplomacia russa para ?reforço das relações bilaterais?

Filipe Nyusi receives today the head of Russian diplomacy to ?strengthen bilateral relations?

The President of the Republic, Filipe Nyusi receives today, in his office, the head of Russian diplomacy, Sergei Lavrov, who is...
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Parlamento aprova proposta de alteração da Lei da TSU que reduz remunerações dos dirigentes

Parliament approves proposal to change the TSU Law that reduces managers' salaries

The Assembly of the Republic (AR) approved, this Tuesday, by consensus and in definitive, the Proposed Amendment to Law No...
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ONG lança amanhã relatório sobre a situação dos direitos humanos em Moçambique

NGO launches tomorrow report on the human rights situation in Mozambique

The Center for Democracy and Development (CDD), a non-governmental organization, will launch tomorrow a report on the situation of rights...
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Moeda única africana é uma utopia, defende analista

Single African currency is a utopia, says analyst

African states operate on utopias that are important for development, one of them being the creation of a single currency to circulate throughout the African continent, argues analyst Calton Cadeado. ?We have reached a level of blockage that does not allow us to believe in the achievement of this utopia within the framework of agenda 2063,? said the analyst in an interview with Domingo newspaper. O...














O Abençoado Pelo Padre Pestana?

The Blessed by the Sandman?

The only time I ever saw a white priest, in the neighborhood, was when one of the altar boys at St. Joseph's Church....


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