Parliament approves proposal to change the TSU Law that reduces managers' salaries

Parlamento aprova proposta de alteração da Lei da TSU que reduz remunerações dos dirigentes

The Assembly of the Republic (AR) approved, this Tuesday, by Consensus and in definitive, the Proposed Amendment to Law no. 5/2022, of February 14, which defines the rules and criteria for setting the remuneration of public servants, of holders or members of Public Bodies and holders and members of the bodies of the administration of justice and approves the Single Wage Scale (TSU), amended and republished by Law no. 14/2022, of October 10.

This is a measure that was initially, announced by the Council of Ministers on Thursday and now brought to a vote, was justified in Parliament by the Minister of Economy and Finance, Max Tonela, with the need to strengthen the fairness of salaries and the sustainability of public accounts.

For Max Tonela, ?the proposed changes consist mainly of a downward revision of the salaries and allowances of representatives and members of sovereign bodies and public agencies, aiming to contribute to the reduction of the gap between the top and the bottom, to strengthen fairness in public administration salaries and improve the sustainability of public accounts?

According to the minister, the proposal is in line with the goals of improving public finance management and aims to increase the resource envelope to fund vital sectors and boost the economy.

The move revises, among others, the remuneration of the members of the provincial assemblies, as they are much higher than those of the provincial and national executive bodies, as well as of professional specialists in various sectors of the state.

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