?Cyclone Freddy may again gain strength in the country?, - World Meteorological Organization

?Ciclone Freddy pode voltar a ganhar força no país?, – Organização Mundial de Meteorologia

The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) warns that Cyclone Freddy may again gain strength in Mozambique.

The information was shared in New York by the head of the UN agency, quoted by Radio Mozambique.

The Development Director of the World Meteorological Organization, the Mozambican Filipe Lúcio, said there are climatic conditions for the phenomenon to regenerate.

The danger is not yet over. The cyclone can still regenerate. Now it is heading towards the coast. Being on the coast, because of the humidity of the sea, it may intensify and even enter Mozambique again. That is why it is still a great concern for the international community, but also for the communities in Mozambique?

In statements broadcast by UN News and quoted by the newspaper Notícias, in New York, Filipe Lúcio said that Cyclone Freddy represents a record for this type of phenomenon, and therefore continues to be a cause for concern for the UN.

The United Nations praises the early action of the Mozambican government, pointing out that it prevented an even greater number of deaths from Cyclone Freddy.

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