Parliamentary Budget Committee defends development of natural resource zones

Comissão parlamentar de orçamento defende desenvolvimento das zonas de recursos naturais

The Planning and Budget Commission (CPO) of the Portuguese Parliament, defends the need to enhance the areas where natural resources are extracted in order to create conditions for their development, ensuring that these resources do not become a curse, but rather a blessing.

The president of the commission, António Niquice, speaking moments after the working visit carried out, on Tuesday, to the National Hydrocarbons Company (ENH), referred to the need to make an additional effort so that in the exploration phase of liquefied natural gas, this resource may serve to boost the country's industrialization process.

We had the opportunity to see that ENH has been doing its best, including with its different subsidiaries in the country's industrialization process, said the deputy, for whom it was important to understand the challenges and prospects of that public company.

In this regard, the CPO president urged ENH managers to capitalize on the area of cadre training so that more young people can benefit from and participate in the country's industrialization process that requires advanced technology and technically refined knowledge.

Therefore, we make a positive assessment in the sense that there are national cadres at ENH giving a valuable contribution so that this industry, which is quite structural, can serve the interests of Mozambicans, said Niquice, adding that the improvement of the business environment can give rise to the emergence of more companies and the consequent generation of more jobs.

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