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Extração das areias de Pebane arranca na próxima semana

Pebane sand extraction starts next week

Trials for the extraction and processing of heavy sands in the Pebane district of Zambézia province will begin next week. Sources from the mining company TZM Resources, S.A., the concessionaire for the project, don't give an exact start date, but assure "Notícias?" that all the machines are already in place. According to the same sources, the...

Grafite de Balama passa a ser exportado via porto de Pemba

Balama graphite to be exported via Pemba port

The port of Pemba, in the province of Cabo Delgado, northern Mozambique, could increase its cargo handled with the start this month of exports of graphite extracted in the Balama district. Until now, this mineral, which is strategic for the production of batteries for electric cars, was shipped exclusively from Nacala, in neighboring...

Chókwè: Empresa saudita vai produzir rações e fertilizantes

Chókwè: Saudi company to produce feed and fertilizer

A Saudi company, Jampur Moçambique, Lda, which operates in the district of Chókwè, Gaza province, is going to produce feed and fertilizer. The production aims to meet demand from the poultry and aquaculture industries, as part of a series of new projects being introduced to make better use of products from rice processing,...

Industrialização é prioridade do Governo

Industrialization is the government's priority

The industrial sector is currently one of the government's priorities. The aim is to increase production capacity and the competitiveness of national products on the market. The information was provided by the Minister for Industry and Trade, Silvino Moreno, as part of the 21st Coordinating Council of the institution he heads. Moreno was quoted by Noticias as saying that despite the...

Volume de carga manuseada nos portos moçambicanos aumentou em 18.6% no primeiro semestre

Volume of cargo handled in Mozambican ports increased by 18.6% in the first half of the year

The Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) revealed that the volume of cargo handled in Mozambican ports increased by 18.6% by the end of the first half of the year. "Overall, 28,947.6 thousand metric tons were handled compared to 24,399.5 thousand in the same period last year, representing an increase of 18.6%," wrote the MEF in its...

Indústria extractiva terá o maior contributo para o PIB nacional este ano

Extractive industry to make biggest contribution to national GDP this year

The growth of economic activity in Mozambique is expected to stand at 5% according to the forecasts of the Economic and Social Plan and State Budget (PESOE), which foresees the greatest performance coming from the Extractive Industry. The PESOE's growth forecast ?will be sustained by the positive performance of the extractive industry, with 23.1%?, says the Ministry...

Nyusi aprecia estratégia da Indonésia que obriga à transformação local de minérios

Nyusi appreciates Indonesian strategy forcing local processing of minerals

The President of the Republic, Filipe Nyusi, said on Wednesday that Mozambique could follow the example set by his Indonesian counterpart and ban the export of some minerals, forcing them to be processed locally. The Mozambican head of state said that Joko Widodo ?is a very visionary president, who in a very short time has managed to revolutionize the...

Governo admite que decisão da Syrah pode comprometer as metas nas receitas de grafite

Government admits Syrah decision could compromise graphite revenue targets

The government admits that the decision by the Australian mining company Syrah to suspend graphite production in the country jeopardizes the quantity and revenue targets that the state had projected. At issue is the announcement by the Australian mining company Syrah on July 18, which revealed the interruption of graphite production for...