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Aqui nesta zona é tudo meu?

Is everything here in this area mine?

In the morning, in the neighborhood, we could hear Mr. Salvador anointing the walls of his reed house with cannons of insults: ?you wretch, you slut, you filth? And in the background you could also hear a small pool of tears streaming down his wife's face. And in the midst of these tears, the wife raised her sword: ?you wretched...

Quem paga o salário da Polícia de Trânsito?

Who pays the salary of the Traffic Police?

AFINAL who pays the salary of the Transit Police officers? The Ministry of the Interior or the public passenger transport companies? This is probably a question that does not need a simple answer, looking at the complexity of the subject, but it can lead us to a deep reflection on what is happening to the members of that corporation....

O sumiço estranho das nossas crianças

The strange disappearance of our children

In the last few days, there has been a strange wave of disappearances of our children. Social networks are flooded with pictures of missing children. Of course this frightens anyone. And all this strange wind, which robs us of our children, is shaken by a huge and heavy silence from our so-called authorities. Nobody talks about it...

O Abençoado Pelo Padre Pestana?

The Blessed by the Sandman?

The only time I saw a white priest in the neighborhood was when one of the altar boys from the Church of São José de Lhanguene had a birthday. The ladies of the neighborhood had hung out in their backyards and were picking up little scraps of blessings, in the shape of a cross, that Father Pestana threw into all the alleys. They fought over the...

Uma reflexão sobre as mulheres e as finanças no Mês da Mulher

Taking stock of women and their finances in this tough environment

March is a special month because, all over the world, International Women's Day is celebrated. We, as women, can use this occasion to reflect on our financial freedom. Saving and investing can be an intimidating topic initially, but the old thought that "someone will take care of my finances for me?,...

África pode adoptar energias renováveis em escala maciça

Africa can adopt renewable energy on a massive scale

Article by Kenneth Engblom - Vice President, Wärtsilä Energy, Europe and Africa Africa's energy future at a crossroads When it comes to Africa's energy future, the decisions facing the continent's leaders today are of historic importance, no more and no less. More than anything, energy systems constitute the fabric of commercial activity and...

Inicie o ano com saúde financeira

Start the year in sound financial health

New year, new habits. Starting the year taking care of your financial health is halfway to ensuring a smoother future. Make 2023 the year of new financial habits and try to keep them for the long term. One thing is for sure, saving takes a lot of practice, patience, and discipline. Nancy Mafundza, Retail Director at FNB...

Hoje é o governo que dá dores de cabeça aos médicos?

Today it is the government that gives doctors headaches?

There will be a general strike of doctors starting Monday, the 5th ? announced the Medical Association of Mozambique. Doctors feel unjust and humiliated in the famous Single Wage Table. Poor doctors ? almost all the gripes and fevers of this unbearable table fell on their shoulders. And then came the Minister of Finance, in the...

Três moçambicanos a caminho do Tribunal Penal Internacional?

Three Mozambicans on their way to the International Criminal Court?

For the first time, Mozambique will send three very dangerous criminals to the International Criminal Court. This event will mark the Mozambican justice and prove that a country only grows when it starts persecuting its citizens still as children and forcing them to wear burkas on their mouths? It's a trifecta that divulged, on the social networks, a...