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Afinal, sabia que ninguém queria para ele se querer!

After all, he knew that nobody wanted him to want himself!

After all, he knew that nobody wanted him if they wanted Roque Silva, a member of Frelimo, who apparently has no courtesy when it comes to getting his ideas across! And I, on my humble smartphone, which looks more like a firecracker with a screen, received some videos and memes where his dictatorial stance was the...

O Escândalo da Professora Telma Mavui e o Fracasso do Sistema Educacional em Moçambique

The Telma Mavui Teacher Scandal and the Failure of Mozambique's Education System

The recent case of teacher Telma Mavui, who was trained to teach Portuguese at the elementary school in Macia district, Gaza province, is a scandal that exposes the deep structural flaws in the Mozambican education system. In a post on social media, Telma herself displays her alarming deficiency in her command of the Portuguese language, writing sentences full of...

Escolha de um candidato presidencial no rescaldo das últimas eleições autárquicas

Choosing a presidential candidate in the aftermath of the last local elections

On October 11, 2023, local elections were held in Mozambique. The FRELIMO party, in power since independence in 1975, won again. However, controversies arose over transparency and allegations of irregularities. The main opposition parties, RENAMO and MDM, contested the results. Although the National Electoral Commission (CNE) has...

A morte da juventude Renamista: Adeus Venâncio, até às rugas e cabelos de 60!

The death of Renaissance youth: Goodbye Venâncio, until the wrinkles and hair of 60!

Renamo's National Council, which took place last Sunday and lasted until the early hours of Monday morning, served no purpose other than to annihilate Renamo's youth. The greatest expectation of the Mozambican people was to see if the party would legitimize the cuts to the aspirations of the new blue bloods. And that was that...

Serviços de Internet: Um retrocesso para o país

Internet services: A step backwards for the country

The recent hike in the prices of Internet services at mobile phone operators in Mozambique, namely Tmcel, Movitel and Vodacom, has raised widespread concerns. This increase in tariffs was imposed by INCM, generating significant impacts, especially for students who depend on this vital service for their research and academic work. The increase in...



On March 11, around 2.5 billion of us will celebrate the Commonwealth family together. 75 years after the London Declaration, I will join the many nations, religions and communities in a celebration in Westminster Abbey. I was Prime Minister when the Commonwealth adopted a new Charter, a milestone in the history of our...

Baía Mall: Sem energia e a “confusão instalada”…

Baía Mall: No power and a "mess"...

Today, Sunday March 10, the Baía Mall, a large shopping center, faced serious power problems, revealing a worrying lack of sophistication in its electrical system. The situation reached critical levels, with people trapped in the elevators due to the lack of efficient first aid staff to deal with the situation. A...

Descontentamento na Comunidade Moçambicana devido à Falta de Resposta Policial em Casos de Sequestro

Discontent in the Mozambican Community due to Lack of Police Response in Kidnapping Cases

In Mozambique City, the absence and inaction of the police in cases of kidnapping has generated growing discontent in the community. Recently, an incident highlighted this concern, when a large police contingent promptly responded to an accident, contrasting with the lack of response in cases of attempted or successful kidnappings. Well-known politician Shafee Sidat expressed...

Moçambicano é um ser alienado e não pacífico: um convite à lucidez.

A Mozambican is an alienated and non-peaceful being: an invitation to lucidity.

With the advent of events since 1994, when we ventured into the exercise of democracy, from the one-party to the multi-party to the introduction of municipal bodies, with all the problems and so many new ones that have never known balanced solutions, I can only say the following: It's time for the Mozambican people to wake up from their state of alienation...