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Norte de Moçambique em exposição fotográfica no Brasil

Northern Mozambique at photographic exhibition in Brazil

The anthropologist, photographer and researcher Patrick Arley takes today the photographic exhibition entitled Mozambique - Brazil: A Counter-Colonial Bridge", at Viaduto das Artes, in the Barreiro Region (Brazil), whose opening took place last Saturday (20). The images were produced by the artist during field research in northern Mozambique, and in the terreiros de reinado, umbanda...

Ghorwane participa do Festival Músicas do Mundo em Portugal

Ghorwane attends World Music Festival in Portugal

Mozambican music band Ghorwane, known as ?Os Bons Rapazes?, will participate in the 23rd edition of the Músicas do Mundo Festival in Sines and Porto Covo, Portugal. The festival, announced to take place between July 22 and 29, will also bring together other African artists such as Os Tubarões (Cape Verde), África Negra (São Tomé and...

Arranca hoje o festival Azgo dois anos após covid-19

Azgo Festival kicks off today, two years after covid-19

The Centro Cultural Franco-Moçambicano (CCFM) hosts from today until Sunday, the international festival Azgo, after a two-year hiatus due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The 10th edition of the event is held under the slogan Afrofuturism, brings together national and international artists, including Stewart Sukuma, Elvira Viegas, Gina Pepa, Yaba Buluku Boys, Hélio...

Rapper Drake revela origens africanas no teste de DNA do seu pai

Rapper Drake reveals African origins in his father's DNA test

Rapper Drake this week published the results of DNA tests conducted to discover his father's ancestry. The ancestry test revealed that his father is of various origins, predominantly Nigerian. In the post on a social network, the rapper questioned whether that made him a Naija man. In fact, the results...

Rainha do rock brasileiro Rita Lee morre aos 75 anos

Queen of Brazilian rock music Rita Lee dies at 75

Rita Lee, one of the greatest singers and songwriters in the history of Brazilian music, died on Monday (8), at the age of 75. She was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2021 and had been undergoing treatments against the disease. The singer's family released a statement on her social networks: "We communicate the death of Rita Lee, in her...

Paulina Chiziane pede descolonização e limpeza da língua portuguesa

Paulina Chiziane calls for decolonization and cleaning up of the Portuguese language

Mozambican writer Paulina Chiziane defends the need for decolonization, treatment and cleaning of the Portuguese language so that it can belong to all who speak it. Paulina Chiziane defended this position, in Lisbon, on Friday, May 5, World Day of the Portuguese Language, date that the writer received the Camões Award 2021, the highest distinction in literature...