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Moeda única africana é uma utopia, defende analista

Single African currency is a utopia, says analyst

African states operate on utopias that are important for development, one of them being the creation of a single currency to circulate throughout the African continent, argues analyst Calton Cadeado. ?We have reached a level of blockage that does not allow us to believe in the achievement of this utopia within the framework of agenda 2063,? said the analyst in a...

Executivo revê em baixa salários de Ministros e Deputados

Executive lowers salaries of Ministers and Deputies

The Council of Ministers decided today to move forward with a draft law to revise downwards the salaries and allowances of holders of public bodies, including Ministers, Deputy Ministers, Secretaries of State (SE), Members of Parliament, among others, said the Minister of Economy and Finance, Max Tonela. The measure does not affect other civil public servants....

Tribunal sul-africano indefere novo recurso de Moçambique contra extradição de Chang para os EUA

South African court rejects new appeal by Mozambique against Chang's extradition to the US

The Constitutional Court (ConCourt) of South Africa today dismissed, for the second time in 12 months, a new appeal by the Attorney General's Office (OPG) against the extradition of former Minister Manuel Chang to the United States. According to the court order, the panel of judges of the highest instance of South African justice, also ordered...

TotalEnergies revela recomendações do relatório independente sobre direitos humanos em Cabo Delgado

TotalEnergies reveals recommendations of the independent report on human rights in Cabo Delgado

TotalEnergies' independent report confirms an improvement of the humanitarian situation in Cabo Delgado province, in particular with the return of populations displaced by the conflict to the town of Palma and, to a lesser extent, to the town of Mocímboa da Praia. The report assessed the humanitarian operations and socio-economic development programs carried out by the...

Há ‘novas regras’ para se fixar preços de combustíveis em Moçambique

There are 'new rules' for setting fuel prices in Mozambique

The prices of petroleum products in Mozambique will now be reviewed monthly and their retail price will have to be adjusted and communicated to distributors on Thursdays of the third week of the month, in obedience to Decree 89/2019 of November 18. Thus, any change in the price of fuel in the international market should be reflected...

Afinal, quem são os milionários moçambicanos? Eles cumprem suas obrigações fiscais?

After all, who are Mozambique's millionaires? Do they fulfill their tax obligations?

The Center for Democracy and Development (CDD) suggests that the Autoridade Tributária (AT) focus its tax collection actions on the growing class of Mozambican millionaires. The government is recommended to create a millionaires enforcement unit to broaden the national tax base. Recently, Mozambique was listed as the 16th African country with the most...