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Pesos pesados citados em esquema de aquisição de DUAT de terras ricas em minerais para depois exigir indemnizações a empresas de exploração

Heavyweights cited in scheme to acquire DUATs for mineral-rich land and then demand compensation from exploration companies

A group of seven well-positioned citizens are demanding compensation from Grafex Limitada, a subsidiary of Triton Minerals, for giving away graphite-rich land in the Ancuabe district of Cabo Delgado province. According to the newspaper Evidências, these individuals obtained the Land Use Rights in 2015 after finding out...

Sobre competência dos tribunais em contenciosos eleitores: Jurista diz que CC não anda bem nestes assuntos

On the competence of the courts in electoral disputes: Jurist says CC is not doing well in these matters

Lawyer and journalist Ericino de Salema considers the Constitutional Council's (CC) interpretation that district courts do not have the power to annul election results to be problematic. "I don't think the CC is doing the right thing in these matters, in particular, because the law, as far as I understand it, gives such powers to the district courts,"...

Eni Rovuma: Salários de estrangeiros são 20 vezes superiores aos dos moçambicanos no projecto de gás

Eni Rovuma: Salaries of foreigners are 20 times higher than those of Mozambicans in the gas project

Foreign citizens hired to work on the Coral Sul Area 4 gas project, developed by Italy's ENI Rovuma Basin, earn salaries between eight and 20 times higher than Mozambicans in the same company, with equivalent technical qualifications and doing the same job. There are around 200 Mozambicans working on the platform. The complaint...

Eleições autárquicas: Renamo não reconhece resultados eleitorais e convoca a população para a marcha

Local elections: Renamo does not recognize election results and calls on the population to march

The Renamo party said today in Maputo that it does not recognize the results of the local elections proclaimed by the Constitutional Council (CC) and called on the population to demonstrate. The president of Renamo, Ossufo Momade, said today at a press conference that the results announced yesterday by the CC, which gave victory to Frelimo in 56 municipalities...

Venâncio Mondlane dá ultimato à direcção máxima da Renamo

Venâncio Mondlane gives ultimatum to Renamo's top leadership

The head of the Renamo party list in Maputo city, Venâncio Mondlane, today gave an ultimatum to Renamo's top leadership to choose between the side of electoral truth or the Constitutional Council (CC). The CC's ruling, which presents the definitive results of the local elections on October 11, 2023, attributes victory to the...

?Eleições Autárquicas 2023: Renamo recupera quatro municípios

Municipal elections 2023: Renamo recovers four municipalities

Today in Maputo, the Constitutional Council (CC) validated the results of the local elections held on October 11, 2023, in 65 municipalities across the country. According to the CC's decision, Renamo will govern the municipalities of Chiúre, in Cabo Delgado; Quelimane and Alto Molocué, in Zambézia; and Vilankulo, in Inhambane. The CC decided, on...

Eleições Autárquicas: Conselho Constitucional proclama resultados eleitorais esta sexta-feira

Local elections: Constitutional Council proclaims election results this Friday

The Constitutional Council (CC) announced today that it will proclaim the results of the local elections held on October 11, 2026 tomorrow (Friday 24). In a statement to which MZNews has had access, the CC says that the act will be led by the President of the body, Lúcia Ribeiro, at the Mozambique China Cultural Center. It should be remembered that, in the week...

Venâncio Mondlane desafia a Frelimo a apresentar editais e actas originais ao Conselho Constitucional

Venâncio Mondlane challenges Frelimo to present original edicts and minutes to the Constitutional Council

The Frelimo party must present to the Constitutional Council (CC) the original notices and minutes that it obtained from the polling stations and which guaranteed its victory in the Maputo municipality. This is the position expressed today by the head of the Renamo party's list for Maputo city council, Venâncio Mondlane, as part of yet another...