Mozambican photographer awarded international prize

Fotógrafo moçambicano distinguido com o prémio internacional

The Mozambican photographer, Edilson Tomás, received an honorable mention and was considered the best of Africa in the international photo contest World Water day 2022, as part of the World Water Day.

In a contest with more than 1000 participants from five continents, Edilson Tomás stood out with a photograph entitled Babysitter (baba) and received a positive appreciation from a jury composed of important international names in photography and arts.

For the photographer, the award is special because it is an international recognition. I took the picture at the dramatic moment. It was a very rainy day and I remember that even my parents ?criticized? me for the fact that I was getting out of the car and ?wetting? the equipment (?) and even so, I insisted until I managed to take the picture that today has become the reason for the international recognition? refers the photographer to MZNews after learning of the distinction.

The photo in allusion was taken five years ago, in Cheringoma, Inhaminga, Sofala province. It depicts the story of two children, one caring for the other, at a critical moment, when it was raining in torrents.

For World Waterday, Edilson Tomás' involvement in this project is also a contribution to the distinction of Mozambican photography.

Edilson Tomás was born and raised in Maputo. His first contact with the world of photography came in 2011, out of mere curiosity. But the passion for photography arises when he realizes that this is the best way he has to express his feelings, but also to awaken them in other people.

In these seven years as a professional photographer, Edilson has already achieved some achievements. In 2017, he was third place in a United Nations (UN) contest about women, under the theme ?Women's Economic Empowerment? in 2016, he had an honorable mention in a Minerva contest with the theme ?Invisible Women?, and in 2015, he was considered as the author of one of the best photographs of the biennial exhibition organized by the TDM company.

And more: the photographer's curriculum also includes participation in the competition ?artistic residence? Catchupa Factory competition, in Mindelo, Cape Verde, where he was third place.

I identify myself with fine art and representational photography, dedicating much of my time to develop my qualities as a photographer so that one day I can be recognized as someone who contributed to the valorization of this art in Mozambique and perhaps in the world? says the young award winner.

The World Water day 2022 photo contest is an initiative of Lions Club International, Word Water day, commissione Europea, Instituto italiano di Cultura, Grupo Solidarietá Africa, Provincia Monza Brianza.

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