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Frelimo cria Gabinete Central de Preparação das Eleições Presidenciais, mas não divulga a lista dos pré-candidatos

Frelimo creates Central Office for the Preparation of Presidential Elections, but does not publish list of pre-candidates

The Frelimo party's list of pre-candidates, from which the candidate to run in the seventh presidential and legislative elections that will take place next October, is still in the secrets of the gods. Meanwhile, the party has announced the creation of the Central Office for the preparation of the presidential elections, the leadership of which is in the hands of the secretary...

PR vai ao Parlamento esta quarta-feira para o informe sobre o Estado Geral da Nação

PR goes to Parliament this Wednesday for the report on the General State of the Nation

This Wednesday, the President of the Republic, Filipe Jacinto Nyusi, will address the Assembly of the Republic to report on the General State of the Nation. In his report to the nation, Filipe Nyusi will share the general situation of the country, highlighting the progress and constraints made during the year that is about to end, challenges and prospects. The country...

Quadra festiva: Mais de 300 mil turistas poderão entrar no País

Festive season: More than 300,000 tourists will be able to enter the country

Around 314,000 tourists will be able to enter the country during the festive season, the National Director of Tourism, Edson Valá, revealed today at a press conference. To this end, Valá said that various actions are currently underway as part of the national well-serve program, with emphasis on well-serve campaigns, visits to...

Governo e Parceiro assinam acordo para Implementação do Projecto Mphanda Nkuwa

Government and partner sign agreement to implement Mphanda Nkuwa project

The Government, represented by the Mphanda Nkuwa Hydroelectric Project Implementation Office (GMNK), Electricidade de Moçambique (EDM), Hidroeléctrica de Cahora Bassa (HCB), and the Strategic Partner signed two Partnership Agreements for the Implementation of the Mphanda Nkuwa Hydroelectric Project in Maputo today, formalizing the partner's entry into the project. This is the beginning of...

Menor escapou a morte após ver os seus órgãos amputados. Médicos “desdobram” para reconstruir, mas avisam: nada voltará a ser como antes

A child escaped death after having his organs amputated. Doctors "work hard" to rebuild, but warn: nothing will ever be the same again

He's five years old and has no penis or testicles... because of someone else. We'll get to that. He survived by some miracle. The doctors in the operating room are trying at all costs to rebuild his penis with fat and muscle, but there's a warning: "It won't work in the first instance," explains Igor José Vaz, the surgeon who...

Transformando sonhos em realidade

Turning dreams into reality

Allen Macuácua started his business at the age of 12. Today, while still in his prime, he runs First Education, a platform whose ultimate goal is to help students realize their dream of studying abroad. It was out of a need to solve a problem in Mozambican society that Allen Macuácua decided to create First Education, a platform...