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Menor escapou a morte após ver os seus órgãos amputados. Médicos “desdobram? para reconstruir, mas avisam: nada voltará a ser como antes

A child escaped death after having his organs amputated. Doctors "work hard? to rebuild, but warn: nothing will ever be the same again

He's five years old and doesn't have a penis or a testicle?it's someone else's fault. We'll get to that. He survived by some miracle. The doctors in the operating room are trying at all costs to rebuild his penis with fat and muscle, but there's a warning: "It won't work in the first place," explains Igor José Vaz, the surgeon who...

Nedbank regista crescimento em 19% no primeiro semestre. O triplo do registo em 2021

Nedbank records growth in 19% in the first half. Triple the record in 2021

The wave of good results continues in the path of Nedbank Mozambique. The financial institution "fattened" 19%, to 402 million Meticais compared to 338 million Meticais registered in June 2022. The Chairman of the Executive Committee of Nedbank Moçambique, Joel Rodrigues, speaks of a trend of continuity of what has been the last results ...

Transformando sonhos em realidade

Turning dreams into reality

Allen Macuácua started entrepreneurship at the age of 12. Today, while still in his prime, he runs First Education, a platform whose ultimate goal is to help students realize their dream of studying abroad. It was from the need to solve a problem in Mozambican society that Allen Macuácua decided to create First Education, a platform...

Organização internacional pede investigação ao cortejo fúnebre de Azagaia

International organization calls for investigation into Azagaia's funeral procession

Human Rights Watch (HRW), an international human rights organization, yesterday called for an investigation into the use of tear gas by Mozambican police during the funeral procession of ?rapper? Azagaia, last Tuesday in Maputo. The Mozambican authorities should quickly and impartially investigate the use of tear gas by police at the funeral procession of...

Moçambique e Brasil assinam acordo de cooperação no sector agrícola

Mozambique and Brazil sign an agreement for cooperation in the agricultural sector

The Brazilian Chamber of Commerce and the Mozambican Chamber of Commerce signed a few days ago in Maputo, a cooperation agreement in the agricultural sector aimed at transferring technology from Brazil to Mozambique for the development of agriculture. Hipólito Hamela, economic advisor of the Mozambican Chamber of Commerce said that besides the...

?Ambiente macroeconómico de 2022 teve tendência de estagnação? – CTA

?2022 macroeconomic environment trended towards stagnation? - CTA

The Confederation of Mozambican Economic Associations (CTA) said that the macroeconomic environment throughout 2022, showed a trend of stagnation. This trend was determined by the rise in interest rates, which led the prime rate of the financial system to reach 22.6% in December this year. In other words, in 2022 it became more expensive to...

Vem aí o maior projecto habitacional e ecológico dentro do grande Maputo

The largest housing and ecological project within the greater Maputo area is coming

It was announced yesterday morning in Maputo, at the Joaquim Chissano Conference Center, the launch of the largest housing project, and ecological for the province of Maputo, called UXENE Smart City. It is an ambitious urban development project, never seen before at a national level, and is located along the ring road of the great Maputo ....

A arte do bem cuidar de mãos e pés

The art of good hand and foot care

Anna Sousa decided to leave a ?safe? job to invest in an area that has always been her true passion. Today, with three years in the market, Executive Nails is a reference brand when it comes to ?hands and feet? treatment. In the prolongation of Avenida Marginal, for those who are heading downtown, the Executive Nails...