Zambézia: Five thousand children at risk of violence and trafficking

Zambézia: Cinco mil crianças em risco de violência e tráfico

As a result of the passage of cyclone Freddy, which devastated the province of Zambezia, more than five thousand children will be exposed to the risk of violence, trafficking and other evils, advanced official source.

According to the coordinator of the Provincial Reference Group for Child Protection, Cristina Chihale a considerable part of children at risk are still in the resettlement areas and others have already returned to their original neighborhoods, after the temporary shelters were closed.

There is still the issue of danger for children and women, vulnerable groups. We have designed activities that we will be able to implement with the support of UNICEF, activities that will start later this month, lectures, awareness of the dangers that arise from these agglomerations because children are often far from their parents? said Chihale, quoted by RM.

The source also mentioned that in "the difficult situation in which they find themselves, they go out to look for some sustenance and end up being abandoned and at that moment the evildoers are also on the lookout?

It should be noted that in recent weeks, in the province and city of Maputo, there has been an increasing occurrence of kidnappings of women and disappearance of several children, without any clear explanation for this "new" phenomenon.

According to a news piece shown yesterday by STV, in the last two weeks alone, 16 children have reportedly disappeared from their homes in unclear situations.

About these facts SERNIC has been following with great attention and concern these events, so much so that the National Criminal Investigation Service does not confirm the occurrence of these facts at the level of Maputo city and or province of Maputo as well as in other regions of the country since we have no record or report of any case by any family? said Hilario Lole, spokesman for SERNIC.

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