Mozambican transporters paralyze activities due to attacks and robberies in South Africa

Transportadores moçambicanos paralisam actividades devido aos ataques e assaltos na África do Sul

Some Mozambican carriers, running the route between Maputo and Durban, South Africa, suspended operations on Sunday following reports of attacks and robberies on a South African section.

Jonas Fumo, a member of the Transporters Committee of Junta, one of the Maputo terminals, said that drivers ?with national license plates are afraid to travel to South Africa using the Ponta do Ouro border? according to the Mozambique Information Agency (AIM), cited by Lusa.

Thus, several carriers have temporarily halted trips of about 600 kilometers that are made in light vehicles with multi-passenger capacity.

Juliana Mwuitu, administrator of the Matutuine district, which borders South Africa, said that cars were set on fire on Saturday, 90 kilometers from the border, in an action related to local conflicts with Mozambicans.

There were no injuries, the passengers were assisted by South African authorities and escorted back to Mozambique.

A driver and witness to one of the robberies on Saturday, but who managed to escape, told AIM that passengers were left stranded while the car was set on fire.

The Mozambican police authorities referred information about the matter to a later time.

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