INAE fines promoters of inappropriate content in children's parties up to one million meticais

INAE multa em até um milhão de meticais promotores de conteúdo impróprio em festas infantis

The National Inspection of Economic Activities (INAE) warns that the provision or facilitation of inappropriate content for minors at children's parties scheduled for this weekend will incur penalties.

Speaking this Friday about INAE's role in the protection of children's rights, Gabriel Chongo, the institution's delegate in Maputo City, said that he has already been in contact with the promoters of the events.

In the meeting with those targeted, INAE called for the exclusion of artists who may present content that incites violence, eroticism, or insults.

In children's shows all themes must be related to children. No promiscuous or deviant music, dancing or choreography, as well as the sale or consumption of alcoholic beverages are allowed," he stressed, quoted by News.

In case of non-compliance with the measures, INAE will first immediately close the event, and then apply fines ranging from one hundred thousand to one million meticais.

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