Croatia receives first LNG shipment from Mozambique

Croácia recebe primeiro carregamento de GNL de Moçambique

LNG Croatia announced that the gas carrier British Mentor docked at the floating terminal on KrK island on January 23 with the first shipment of natural gas extracted in Cabo Delgado province. The ship is expected to set sail this Wednesday after unloading is completed.

Croatia became the world's 40th LNG importer in 2021 and has since announced plans to double the gas capacity of the Krk terminal to 6.1 billion cubic meters per year, Natural Gas World writes on its online portal, quoted by Online News.

That European country also announced last year that the floating terminal located on the island of Krk will begin shipping LNG to gas-powered ships and vehicles in Italy and Eastern Europe under a joint collaboration agreement entered into by its operator Prvo Plinarsko Drustvo and Avenir LNG.

Note that last November Mozambique announced the exportation of the first shipment of LNG, extracted from its FLNG Coral Sul platform, which has a gas liquefaction capacity of 3.4 million metric tons/year.

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