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TSU: Government cancels setting new salaries for civil servants in positions of leadership and trust

The time for civil servants and state agents with managerial positions and/or positions of trust to submit their complaints with a view to setting salaries as part of the implementation of the Single Salary Scale (TSU) has run out. In effect, the Executive will no longer set new salaries. The information was shared on Friday (04) by Director...

Conflitos laborais aumentam em mais de 140%

Labor disputes increase by more than 140%

The Maputo Center for Labor Mediation and Arbitration revealed that labor disputes between employees and employers increased by about 1,47%, from 521 last year to 1,288 in the first half of this year. Among the main factors are unfair dismissals, non-payment of wages, unilateral termination of contracts...

DG da FAO reeconduzido ao cargo a até 2027

FAO DG reappointed until 2027

Chinese diplomat Qu Dongyu was re-elected Director-General of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) on Sunday (02) for four years, with 168 votes in favour, the organization announced. Dongyu was elected with 168 of the 182 votes cast in a secret ballot held at the ministerial conference, the organization said in a statement....


CIP reveals the pattern of state capture by the private sector, especially banking

The Mozambican state is captured by the private sector or private interests, according to the Center for Public Integrity (CIP), which points to the recent appointment of the former Prime Minister of Mozambique, Carlos Agostinho do Rosário, to the position of Chairman of the Board of Directors (PCA) of Banco Comercial de Investimentos (BCI). CIP notes that the "revolving doors" phenomenon,...

TSU: Integrados 14 mil funcionários públicos da cidade de Maputo

TSU: 14,000 Maputo City Civil Servants Integrated

More than 14,400 state employees and agents have been included in the Single Salary Table (TSU) in Maputo City, which corresponds to 95.8 percent of the professionals to be integrated. The integration of the remaining 629 could be completed once the mechanisms for migrating from the registration and management system to the...

Ana Comoane apela paciência para conclusão de ajustes na TSU. “Mesmo vocês jornalistas…”

Ana Comoane appeals for patience to conclude TSU adjustments. "Even you journalists..."

On Friday (23), the Minister of State Administration and the Civil Service called on state employees and agents to be patient until all the necessary adjustments to the Single Salary Scale are completed. Speaking on the sidelines of the celebration of International Civil Service Day, Ana Comoana explained that the framework for civil servants...