Doctors/Teachers: MEF guarantees budget allocation of 176 billion meticais for all state agents and employees

Médicos/Professores: MEF garante cabimento orçamental de 176 mil milhões de meticais para todos os agentes e funcionários do Estado

The Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) guarantees that there are funds to meet the commitments to pay salaries and overtime to all state employees and agents, including to meet the demands of the medical and teaching professions.

The MEF's deputy minister, Amílcar Tivane, assured that the state would not need to rectify the budget in order to carry out this exercise.

"We have a salary policy in which resources amounting to around 176 billion are earmarked for the salaries and wages heading, which aims to meet all the remuneration needs of state employees and agents, as well as the payment of allowances that are due. Therefore, the entire salary policy is considered within the limit approved by the Assembly of the Republic and it is with this limit that we are working. A budget is in force," he said.

With regard to the overtime owed to teachers, Tivane assured us that it will be paid as usual, and that the amount of liabilities that are owed and must be paid has already been assessed.

"It will be paid in due course," he said, without specifying the dates, but acknowledging that there are situations in which delays in payment are questionable, "in which the burden associated with hours is very high. So we have to ask ourselves: what kind of employee is it who spends their life more connected to the dynamics associated with overtime and not their regular pay?" he asked, moments after presenting the IEG report on the World Bank's support for Mozambique over the last ten years.

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