Vladimir Putin may escalate Mozambique to avoid arrest during BRICS summit

Vladimir Putin pode escalar Moçambique para evitar detenção durante cimeira dos BRICS

South Africa is evaluating the possibility of holding the BRICS Summit in Mozambique next August to avoid arresting Russian President Vladimir Putin. China is also an option.

The summit is still scheduled to take place in Gauteng, Johannesburg, South Africa, between August 22 and 24. However, the agenda may change as the International Criminal Court (ICC) has issued a warrant for Putin's arrest.

Bloomberg reports that the South African government has already contacted the Mozambican government for a possible reception by Vladimir Putin.

The choice of Mozambique and China has to do with there being no obligation on the part of those two countries to comply with the arrest warrant. The nations have not signed the Rome Statute.

Since South Africa is a member of the International Criminal Court, it would be obliged to execute a warrant for Putin's arrest issued by the court earlier this year if he were to travel to the country - an eventuality it wants to avoid.

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