Ossufo Momade says he will not step down from Renamo leadership despite protests

Ossufo Momade diz que não vai abandonar a liderança da Renamo apesar das contestações

The leader of Renamo, the largest opposition party, Ossufo Momade, plays down challenges to his leadership from some guerrillas, and says he will fulfill his mandate until the end.

In recent times, some Renamo guerrillas have been contesting the leadership of Ossufo Momade, whom they accuse of mismanaging the party, but he says he will not leave, ?because I was elected at the congress and I am within the mandate.

However, the Renamo leader assured that ?in 2024 we will hold our congress and it is this congress that will determine whether Ossufo Momade will continue or not?

The opposition is led by General Thimocene Maquinze, who, according to Renamo spokesman José Manteigas, ?is the victim of a machination, because General Maquinze has worked very closely with President Ossufo Momade, he is our chief of general staff and has permanent interaction with the president of our party?

Meanwhile, to VOA, the political analyst Tomás Vieira Mário, without affirming whether or not there is some machination in this case, criticizes the fact that, in the Mozambican political class, there is a very easy discourse of never looking inside and finding internal reasons, but always finding reasons outside the party.

?it's always an outside hand, it's always an infiltrator, it's always sabotage, there is never the courage to look inside and say this, let's sit down and understand each other,? says Vieira Mário.

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