?Mambas? maintain position in FIFA

?Mambas? mantêm posição na FIFA

Mozambique maintained the 114th position in FIFA's ?ranking?, December update, made public yesterday.

Despite maintaining the position, the National Team lost 0.19 tenths in its score, going from 1165.41 to 1163.56. In its history in the ?ranking?, the ?Mambas? have the 66th position achieved in July 1997 as the best ever and 134th, in 2006, as the worst. The average is 105th position.

In Africa, the highlight goes to Morocco, which climbed 11 steps from 22nd place to 11th, as a result of its historic performance in the ?World Cup? -2022, where they reached the semi-finals. The Moroccans now have 1672.35 points, against the previous 1563.5. (Online News)

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