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Cinco partidos inscrevem-se na CNE

Five parties register with the CNE

Five political parties, namely RENAMO, PAREDE, PARAENA, UDM and UM, registered today with the National Electoral Commission (CNE) to take part in the presidential, legislative and provincial assembly elections. By Friday (26) nine political parties and coalitions of parties had already formalized their interest, in what is the first stage to be observed in this process....

Zambézia: Fome leva a população de Morrumbala a alimentar-se tubérculos aquáticos

Zambézia: Famine leads the population of Morrumbala to eat water tubers

The people of Morrumbala and the administrative posts of Megaza and Chire are feeding on aquatic tubers to satisfy their hunger. The situation is due to low agricultural production as a result of the effects of the El Niño phenomenon. According to the local chief, Francisco Balança, this is the case in the towns of Pinda and Chire, where the population is resorting to a tuber...

Recenseamento eleitoral: STAE acusado de priorizar membros da Frelimo em Chemba e Muanza

Voter registration: STAE accused of prioritizing Frelimo members in Chemba and Muanza

The brigades of the Technical Secretariat for Electoral Administration (STAE) are prioritizing civil servants, allegedly members of the Frelimo party, an inspector from the Democratic Movement of Mozambique (MDM) has denounced. According to CIP Eleições, the MDM inspector also complained that queues were not being observed during the registration process. CIP contacted the supervisor...

Inaugurada a maior escola secundaria do pais

Largest secondary school in the country inaugurated

The country's largest secondary school, built since independence, was inaugurated today. It is the Mafambisse Secondary School, located in the district of Dondo, Sofala province, in the center of the country. The school was built with an investment of 13 million dollars from the Tzu Chi charity foundation, has the capacity to accommodate 10,000 students, and has already...

“Há um sistema de baixa pressão que pode evoluir para tempestade tropical”, -alerta INAM

"There is a low-pressure system that could develop into a tropical storm," warns INAM

Mozambique's National Institute of Meteorology (INAM) is warning of the possibility of a low atmospheric pressure that has formed near Madagascar evolving into a tropical storm in the coming days. In a statement issued on Saturday, INAM said that the system had formed to the northeast of the island, in the southwest Indian Ocean basin, with...

Subidas de níveis de água nas próximas 24 horas

Rising water levels in the next 24 hours

Water levels could rise significantly over the next 24 hours, affecting the lower Zambezi region in the districts of Mutarara in Tete province, Morrumbala, Mopeia and Luabo in Zambezia province, Caia and Marromeu in Sofala province, causing flooding in low-lying areas. A statement from the...

“Poderes do Presidente da República limitam a independência dos órgãos de soberania”, – Renamo

"The powers of the President of the Republic limit the independence of the organs of sovereignty," - Renamo

Renamo's parliamentary caucus is contesting the powers conferred on the President of the Republic by the Constitution, claiming that they are excessive, as they end up limiting the independence of some sovereign bodies. The position of the largest opposition party was expressed this Thursday by the head of the parliamentary caucus, Viana Magalhães, during the closing ceremony of...