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Uso de Métodos contraceptivos: Das (des)vantagens às práticas tradicionais em Nampula

Contraceptive use: From (dis)advantages to traditional practices in Nampula

Citizens based in Nampula province have different opinions on the advantages and disadvantages of using contraceptive methods, resources used by men and women to avoid pregnancy. The use of contraceptive methods is the only effective resource to avoid pregnancy and is therefore fundamental in family planning, according to the World Health Organization on...

Técnicos do STAE denunciam contradição de dados de eleitores recenseados em Guruè

STAE technicians denounce contradictions in voter registration data in Guruè

The official numbers of registered voters in the municipal area, presented by the provincial STAE, are different from the numbers at the disposal of the district STAE in Guruè, and also from the numbers determined during the exhibition of the voter registers. According to the complaint, signed by two STAE technicians, representing the MDM, namely Agostinho Morgado and Manecas...

Guterres defende reforma do Conselho de Segurança da ONU, FMI e Banco Mundial

Guterres advocates reform of the UN Security Council, IMF and World Bank

The Secretary-General of the United Nations, António Guterres, defended this Sunday the reform of the United Nations (UN) Security Council, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank to transform the power relations between countries. In the framework of global economy and finance, there is an unfair and systematic distortion in favor of countries...

Banco Mundial anuncia apoio de 150M$ para recuperação pós-ciclone Freddy em Moçambique

World Bank announces 150M$ support for post-Cyclone Freddy recovery in Mozambique

The World Bank has just announced today, a funding of 150 million dollars for Mozambique to recover from the damage caused by Cyclone Freddy. According to the statement from that financial institution, the amount aims to support the rapid restoration of transport infrastructure, as well as the provision of education, health, energy, water supply and sanitation services,...

Tratamento anti-retroviral: Governo pondera introduzir medicamentos de toma semanal ou mensal

Anti-retroviral treatment: Government considers introducing weekly or monthly medication

The Deputy Minister of Health, Ilesh Jani, said that the health sector is considering introducing weekly or monthly medication for antiretroviral treatment, for people living with HIV-AIDS in the country. There are some new drugs, there are drugs with new formulations, so that it is possible to give a drug with less frequent doses. The patient will be able to

Cabo Delgado: Conselho Nacional de Defesa e Segurança incrementa meios para o combate ao terrorismo

Cabo Delgado: National Defense and Security Council increases resources to fight terrorism

The National Council for Defence and Security, met on Friday in the town of Mueda, in Cape-Delgado, under the guidance of the President of the Republic, Filipe Nyusi, decided to increase human and material resources to combat terrorism in Cape-Delgado. The Secretary-General of the National Council for Defence and Security, Basílio Monteiro, also told journalists that the meeting decided...