Zambézia: Authorities seize alcoholic beverage worth more than one million meticais

Zambézia: Autoridades apreendem bebida alcoólica avaliada em mais de um milhão de meticais

The Tax Authority (AT) recently seized 669 cases of alcoholic drinks, valued at just over 1.1 million meticais, in Zambézia province, in the center of the country.

According to information provided this Friday in Quelimane by the Operational Director of the Tax Area, Mário Jorge, the seizure is the result of a joint operational activity between the AT and the National Inspectorate of Economic Activities (INAE) that took place last week in that part of the country.

"Today we are inviting the press to announce the seizure of 669 cases of spirits, due to irregularities detected related to the lack of authenticity in the sealing," said Mário Jorge, quoted by the AIM.

According to the source, the merchandise in question was seized in one of the reference warehouses, somewhere in the city of Quelimane.

"The smuggling of these products would cost the state just over 500,000 meticais in customs duties and other taxes," he explained.

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