Xiquitsi presents 2nd Concert Series of the Classical Music Season 2022

Xiquitsi apresenta 2ª Série de Concertos da Temporada de Música Clássica 2022

The sound of the piano in the hands of Alena Bravo crossed with the voice of the young Portuguese tenor José de Eça, kicking off the second series of concerts of the classical music season 2022, in charge of the Xiquitsi project. To the rhythm of "Parlame d'amore Mariú" by Vittorio de Sicca, the duet gave life and light to three classic Neapolitan songs.

Mariana Carrilho, went on stage and delighted the audience with her vivacity and strong vocal marking, with different variations in tones and an enchanting melody in three distinct themes, followed by the young Inérzio Macome with his cello.

One of the highlights of the evening was the performance of the Xiquitsi orchestra, conducted by Kika Materula and conducted by Xixel Langa and Déuscio Vembane, who gave a unique show, which took shape embodying classics such as "Somewhere Out There" by James Horner, Barry Mann and Cynthia Well.

However, the national classics could not be left out, and in the voice of the duet of Xixel andéuscio, they interpreted Fany Mpfumo giving life to "Avasati Va Lomu", a moment that the audience made a point of following, giving even more life to the national culture.

For the Director of Absa Bank Mozambique, Pedro Carvalho ?this is further evidence of the success of this project. For us, it is a pride to witness the evolution of these young national talents. It is initiatives like these that positively impact the lives of young people and in which we see incorporated the values that drive us and make us want to go further in promoting art, culture and education?

In her turn, Maestro Kika Materula, closed the moment stating ?this is a very special moment for us, we are very happy with everyone who was present and we use this opportunity to reiterate that we intend to continue working to contemplate more Mozambicans in this initiative.

Xiquitsi is effectively growing, this project started small and today, nine years later, this is the result. When we started, the group was composed of foreigners, the concerts were performed 100% by international musicians, however, today, we managed to have the stage composed mostly by Mozambican soloists?

The Xiquitsi ? Orchestra and Choir gives training in string, wind, percussion and voice instruments, seeking to promote social insertion and the possibility of change in the lives of children and adolescents who, through the collective practice of music, acquire essential tools for the full development of their abilities.

The event was also attended by the Vice-Minister of Culture and Tourism, the Mayor of Maputo, members of the Government, and several individuals from society and the music business.

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