WhatsApp brings another new feature to users. Screen sharing arrives soon

WhatsApp traz mais uma novidade para os usuários. Partilha de ecrã chega em breve

A new feature for video calls is being prepared by WhatsApp and soon screen sharing will be something simple to do.

According to WhatsApp which has been growing in video calls and audio calls, now, with this new feature, the goal is to further increase what is offered to users, to improve everything that is made available in a natural way.

So, the latest version of Android, dedicated to WhatsApp testing, brings the ability to do smartphone screen sharing. This will be available in video calls and will, of course, be simple to use for everyone within that communication.

Whenever this feature is invoked by users, they will be asked for permission to share the screen. Only after the user agrees will this element be sent in the call and everything displayed on the screen will be broadcast?, says WhatsApp.

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