Vodacom: Clandestine SIM card factory dismantled

Twenty-eight individuals were arrested as part of a police raid that led to the closure of a SIM card counterfeiting factory in the Namicopo neighborhood, Nampula province.

Of the 28 citizens arrested by the National Criminal Investigation Service (SERNIC), four are employees of the mobile phone operator Vodacom.

A document from the operator states that the Carrupeia neighborhood is also the main focus of the fraudulent practice.

"The operation was the result of anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist financing monitoring and investigation activities carried out by Vodafone M-Pesa," he reveals.

Suspicious activity was detected in February, when accounts were opened by tampering with identification documents in High Risk Zones.

"The fraud was carried out through the use of a single identification document by several agents, who proceeded to create several records based on that same document," explains the operator.

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