Exchange of barbs: Venâncio Mondlane is "a chameleon" and "does not inspire confidence", according to José Manteigas

Troca de farpas: Venâncio Mondlane é “um camaleão” e “não inspira confiança”, segundo José Manteigas

Renamo's spokesman, José Manteigas, classifies the party's MP, Venâncio Mondlane, as "a chameleon" and that he cannot be trusted because of his ability to join different parties.

The deputy's political background includes a stint in the Frelimo party, the Democratic Movement of Mozambique - where he was a deputy and a candidate for the local councils in the city of Maputo, and he is currently a member of Renamo, and last year he was the candidate for the local councils in the city of Maputo.

In a television debate, Manteigas explained that the Renamo presidential candidate profile approved at the party's National Council session last Sunday was the same one approved in 2019.

"The only addition that was made to this profile was 15 years uninterrupted," he said, and clarified that it was a matter of updating according to the context.

Venâncio Mondlane responded to the Renamo spokesman's provocation by saying: "the butter is melting". He went on to say that the minimum age (35) and the 15 years of activism in Renamo to run for the party presidency "are to prevent young people from running".

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