Use of Vehicular Natural Gas saved the country 50 million liters of fuel

Uso de Gás Natural Veicular poupou ao país 50 milhões de litros de combustíveis

It is still not a real option, but the use of Vehicular Natural Gas (CNG) in vehicles has already saved the country from importing about 50 million liters of fuel in the last ten years, says the executive director of Autogás, João das Neves.

For the users, the head of the Autogás company said that they were able to save 1.5 billion meticais since the price of vehicular natural gas is approximately half of the price of gasoline and diesel.

João das Neves revealed that there are currently about 3000 vehicles running on Natural Gas Vehicles, and they are supplied by a network of 6 selling points spread throughout Maputo province.

?soon we will have more than 80 buses using Vehicular Natural Gas. The government has been making a great effort so that we have more vehicles running on Natural Gas Vehicle? said the company's responsible.

The executive director of Autogás also said that ?as the demand for Natural Gas Vehicles is growing, the company is also expanding its activities and strengthening its supply capacity, with the opening of the Marracuene CNG station, among other points, planned for the near future.

In terms of filling stations, the CEO told MZNews that about 60 stations are needed for national coverage.

João das Neves also revealed to our report that so far the company has invested about 400 million Meticais in the CNG stations and in the conversion of vehicles that make up the current fleet of vehicles, being necessary for the national coverage another 3100 million Meticais.

It should be noted that vehicular natural gas is a 100% Mozambican product and presents itself as the real solution for reducing transportation costs and reducing dependence on imported liquid fuel prices, besides being much less polluting and therefore more environmentally friendly.

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