Twitter bans misleading advertising about climate change

Twitter bane publicidade enganosa sobre alterações climáticas

Twitter is banning "misleading advertising" about climate change so as not to undermine efforts to protect the environment, the social network said on Friday during its worldwide celebration of Earth Day.

This decision comes at a time when the moderation of content by this platform has been harshly criticized, from left and right, reports Agence France-Presse (AFP) quoted by Lusa.

"We believe that climate skepticism should not be used to generate revenue on Twitter and that misleading ads should not distract from important conversations about the climate crisis," this social network said in a statement.

Thus, ads that "contradict the scientific consensus" on this issue will not be allowed.

To arbitrate, Twitter will use data from the IPCC, experts on the evolution of the UN climate.

In early April, this body released new reports showing that humans are "unquestionably" responsible for global warming, which has increased by about 1.1 degrees Celsius since the pre-industrial era.

The planet is expected to reach another 1.5 or 1.6 degrees Celsius around 2030, ten years earlier than previously estimated, with devastating consequences.

Major social media platforms are regularly accused of not sufficiently combating misinformation, especially on sensitive topics, from politics to climate, where the real-life implications can be dramatic.

"We recognize that misleading information about climate change can undermine efforts to protect the planet," Twitter added.

YouTube (Google) took similar steps at the end of 2021, while Facebook (Meta) is betting on highlighting indisputable scientific facts through a section dedicated to the environment.

On Thursday, former US President Barack Obama called for more regulation on social media to be more accountable and transparent.

Obama stressed that the issue at the heart of disinformation is less "what people post" than "the content that those platforms promote."

The Democrat gave an emotional speech on this topic at a time when Elon Musk, the owner of Tesla, is trying to buy Twitter to turn it into a private (unlisted on the stock exchange) company.

The richest man in the world, a great lover of teasing and jokes, believes that this social network restricts free speech.

Elon Musk has promised less strict and more transparent content moderation if he completes the Twitter acquisition.

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