Tourism in Mozambique recovering in the post-covid-19 period

Turismo em Moçambique em recuperação no período pós-covid-19

The Confederation of Mozambican Economic Associations, CTA, considers that Mozambican tourism is in full recovery after two years seriously affected by covid-19.

With the return of tourists to the country, the opening of vacation resorts revives the hope that next year, in 2023, the sector, which has even laid off staff and reached 100% in losses, will grow and the accounts will balance.

The covid-19 did not spare the tourism sector in the last two years in Mozambique, however the signs of recovery in the sector are unquestionable says the president of the tourism portfolio of the Confederation of Economic Associations (CTA) of Mozambique, Muhammad Abdullah.

"In relation to the period of covid-19 has already recovered I would say more than 90%. The increase in the number of visitors is proof of that and now the work has to continue so, the indicators are encouraging in that sense," Muhammad Abdullah said, quoted by RFI.

The perspectives for 2023 are, therefore, much more encouraging and supported by the Government's adoption of measures such as the e-visa, which allows foreigners to travel faster to the country.

"I think that the conditions are created, now it's a matter of working and this good syntony that exists between the private sector and the Government in the sense of capitalizing to the maximum these potentialities that the country has in the tourism area", declared the responsible of the CTA.

Muhammad Abdullah, however, points to the wave of kidnappings and the insecurity caused by terrorists in various parts of the northern province of Cabo Delgado as challenges that need to be overcome for the recovery to be fully realized.

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