Trump posts on Facebook and YouTube for the first time since his suspension in 2021

Trump publica no Facebook e YouTube pela primeira vez desde a sua suspensão em 2021

Former US President Donald Trump posted yesterday on social networks Facebook and YouTube for the first time since his suspension in 2021.

"I'm back!" wrote the Republican, quoted by Lusa, who has already announced his third run for the White House, in the 2024 presidential elections.

The short message in capital letters was accompanied by a short, old CNN video, in which he appears flanked by his Vice President Mike Pence and his son Barron, in which he said: "Sorry to keep you waiting, it was complicated".

The post, published at 8pm, has already received hundreds of comments, including several praising her return to social media.

Last Friday, the online video platform YouTube announced the end of Trump's suspension.

"As of today, the 'Donald J. Trump' channel is no longer subject to restrictions," said the US giant on Twitter.

The Republican had been excluded from the social network in January 2021, while still in power, for having encouraged his supporters during the attack on the Capitol in Washington.

This unprecedented decision was imitated at the time by most of the major social networks, including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

To justify its decision, YouTube said on Friday that it had assessed "the risk of violence", taking into account the importance for voters of hearing "equally from the main national candidates".

Donald Trump had already been reinstated on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram in recent months.

The reactivation of Trump's accounts allows the Republican to broadcast information again through his Facebook and Instagram pages, which have 34 million and 23 million followers respectively.

Trump was a big fan of social media while he was in the White House, between 2017 and 2021, whether to announce official matters, comment on television programs or announce what he would be eating that day, among many other things.

After being banned from the main social networks in 2021, the former President created his own social network, Truth Social, which he launched in October 2021.

Trump signed an exclusive contract with Truth Social, the validity of which is unknown, although the specialized media reported that it would end in March.

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