Triunfo: Maputo Region Water Dismantles Clandestine Connection in a Businessman's House

Triunfo: Águas da Região de Maputo Desmantela ligação clandestina na casa de um empresário

A brigade of the company Águas da Região Metropolitana de Maputo, (AdRMM) has just dismantled a clandestine connection in the house of a businessman, in the noble district of Triunfo, municipality of Maputo.

According to a note sent to our newsroom, the owners of the residence had made a bypass, in order to be able to fraudulently use the piped water.

"The AdRMM technicians suspected some nonconformity in that residence, given that there were already eight unpaid invoices amounting to 9,736.12 MT, but were surprised to find that the water that was consumed did not pass through the meter, and went directly from the public network pipe to the house water tanks," the note can be read.

Faced with this scenario, the AdRMM brigade immediately proceeded to cut off the access to this precious liquid to the residence.

Measures have also been taken so that here the owner of the residence can pay the debts and fines, totaling 60,000.00 MT.

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