Tesla breaks all sales records again in Q2 2021

Tesla volta a bater todos os recordes de vendas no segundo trimestre de 2021

With the growing interest in electric cars, brands like Tesla have grown and occupied prominent places in the automotive market. Tesla has been able to occupy this space and is currently one of the biggest brands in this field.

With increasingly interesting numbers, Tesla has been presenting quarterly results that show its unique growth. Now, and the most recent results presentation, it has shown that it continues to dominate the market and produce and sell more and more electric cars.

Tesla's numbers in recent years show that it is a growing brand with a particular interest from consumers. Sales of its electric cars keep growing with each new quarter, with increasingly expressive numbers.

With new data presented now, referring to the second quarter of 2021, the brand once again shows that it is managing to grow in the vehicle market and especially in electric cars. This time, in April, May and June 2021 more than 200,000 vehicles were delivered.

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