Terrorism: Latest attacks led to more than 67,000 people fleeing Cabo Delgado

Terrorismo: Últimos ataques levaram à fuga de mais de 67 mil pessoas em Cabo Delgado

The latest terrorist attacks have led 67,321 people to move from their home areas in Cabo Delgado province to safer places, the spokesman for the Council of Ministers said today.

According to Filmão Suaze, the figure corresponds to 14,270 families who have sought refuge in the district of Eráti, in the border province of Nampula, but there are also families taking refuge elsewhere in Cabo Delgado province.

"They are in a temporary emergency center in the district of Eráti. Work is being done to improve the conditions of the schools, homes of relatives or strangers where the people have taken refuge," he said.

He said that various kits were being provided, such as food, hygiene and shelter. "This is how we have been working and there is no other way to intervene in these situations."

The kits will be given to the displaced until the situation is normalized, "or until we move towards an effective center for the accommodation of these people".

On the other hand, but without giving any figures, Filimão Suaze said that there was also a movement of people returning to their areas of origin in Cabo Delgado, "as some threatening situations dissipate".

Asked about the conditions created for displaced children to continue their studies, the spokesman pointed to the possibility of creating mechanisms ad hoc to ensure continuity of teaching.

"This is a matter of concern to the education sector and specific solutions are going to be found, like what has happened in other situations, outside of terrorism, such as cyclones that have led to the closure of schools and the displacement of populations from one area to another, which then leads to delays in complying with school programs or curricula," he said.

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