Terrorism: Government considers declaring State of Emergency in Cabo Delgado

Terrorismo: Governo pondera decretar Estado de Emergência em Cabo Delgado

The Mozambican government is not ruling out the possibility of declaring a State of Emergency for the province of Cabo Delgado, as a result of the new wave of terrorist attacks and threats. The situation will be assessed by the Executive at the next session of the Council of Ministers. 

According to the Prime Minister, Adriano Maleiane, the declaration of a state of alert is also another possibility to take into account given the current situation of terrorist attacks in Cabo Delgado.

"We in the coordination council have seen what we're going to have to do, for example the alert declaration, so we're going to discuss at the Council of Ministers session what the best one is, but until that happens we're on the ground, the INGD is on the ground working to at least take care of the humanitarian issues," he explained, quoted by RFI.

For the time being, the prime minister has appealed to the international community to respond to the needs of the new wave of displaced people from the terrorist attacks, most of whom have found a safe place in the Namapa district of Nampula.

"The resources never arrive, you know that we are prepared for the rainy season, now this is going to need, as I said, and it is needing, additional support," he stressed.

Meanwhile, figures confirmed by the government authorities indicate that more than 20 displaced people have arrived in Nampula alone in the last few days and, in the district headquarters of Chiúre in Cabo Delgado, there are already more than 9,000 people.

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