TAP: Crew strike will cancel 1,316 flights with an impact of 48 million euros

TAP: Greve dos tripulantes irá cancelar 1.316 voos com impacto de 48 milhões de euros

The Portuguese airline TAP announced yesterday that the crew strike, scheduled to take place between January 25 and 31, will lead to the cancellation of 1,316 flights and generate a direct impact of 48 million euros, according to a statement.

With this new stoppage, 1,316 flights will be canceled and 156,000 passengers affected, which represents a total estimated direct cost of 48 million euros (29.3 million in lost revenue and 18.7 million in passenger compensation)," said TAP, quoted by Lusa.

The carrier also foresees ?losses of an additional 20 million due to the potential impact on sales for other days and the sub-optimization of other flights, with reaccommodated passengers?

The members of the National Civil Aviation Flight Staff Union (SNPVAC) rejected TAP's proposal in a general meeting yesterday and decided to maintain the strike notice between January 25 and 31, according to an official source.

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