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Propostos 48 milhões de meticais para magistrados não deter cabecilhas do branqueamento de mais de 330 milhões de dólares

48 million meticais proposed for magistrates not to arrest ringleaders of the laundering of more than 330 million dollars

As part of the Stop Money Laundering "Stop BC" operation launched by the Public Prosecutor's Office, which has already led to the arrest of Nuro Gulam's brother, MP and judicial magistrates are denouncing pressure, bribes and threats. According to Notícias, these attacks come via the organized crime syndicate, in order to obstruct the operation....

Donald Trump condenado por subornar atriz de filmes para adultos

Donald Trump convicted of bribing adult film actress

Former US President Donald Trump has been found guilty on 34 counts of falsifying documents to hide a sex scandal. The judge decided that the sentence will be read on July 11, days before the Republicans formally choose Donald Trump as their presidential candidate. New York prosecutors alleged that the 45th president of the United...


Bribe paid for trafficking trophies from Mozambique to Tanzania revealed

The Vietnamese national accused of being the ringleader in a case of trafficking in trophies of banned species is said to have paid one million meticais to take the products from Mozambique to Tanzania, where they were seized. She was arrested in the city of Nampula, where she fled after realizing that the fraud had been discovered, and is being held in...


London "Hidden Debts" trial may be canceled to defend Nyusi's interests

The Mozambican government is refusing to share classified documents on debts issued without state guarantees, "Hidden Debts", amounting to more than two billion dollars, which could lead to the cancellation of the trial scheduled for October 2023, in London, England, to defend the interests of the President of the Republic, Filipe Nyusi. According to...


SERNIC arrests lawyer for attempted bribery

The National Criminal Investigation Service (SERNIC) arrested a lawyer, identified as P. Lourenço, on Thursday (06) in the city of Beira, Sofala province, on charges of bribery to make a case disappear. The lawyer was arrested in possession of 100,000 meticias to make it impossible to take steps, destroy the arrest warrant and the case in which...