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Deixados em banho-maria 21 partidos políticos que tentam seduzir Venâncio Mondlane

21 political parties left in the cold trying to seduce Venâncio Mondlane

Renamo MP Venâncio Mondlane confirmed on Thursday (16) that he had received proposals from several political parties to have him as their candidate for the presidential elections on October 9. Before the congress, "I received an invitation from 21 parties, including the coalition, who expressed their willingness for me to be their presidential candidate. I can confirm that....

Produtoras vão apresentar propostas de seriados ao canal Maningue Magic ao vivo

Producers to present series proposals to Maningue Magic channel live

After the submission and evaluation of series proposals for the Maningue Magic channel, the project presentation phase has arrived. It will take place on September 4 and 5, from 2pm to 5pm, at the Franco-Mozambican Cultural Center (CCFM) in Maputo. A total of 64 proposals were received and, of these, six projects from production companies were selected...


Chinese oil company launches bid for hydrocarbon exploration in five blocks in Mozambique

The Chinese oil company, CNOOC Hong Kong Holding Limited, has submitted bids to explore for hydrocarbons in five areas offshore Mozambique, according to the National Petroleum Institute (INP). CNOOC intends to search for hydrocarbons in areas S6-A, A6-G, A6-D, S6-B and A6-E, which were available in the sixth tender for the concession of exploration areas...


Mexer wants to leave Bordeaux and head to the Middle East

The Mozambican central defender, Mexer Sitoe, has expressed a desire to leave Girondins de Bordeaux and head to the Middle East. This has not yet taken place because his transfer from the French club involves large sums of money. Mexer said that the biggest proposals come from the Middle East, and "after seven years in France, I think that already...