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Mozambique and United Arab Emirates negotiate creation of free trade area to attract goods markets

The government of the United Arab Emirates is negotiating a Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement with Mozambique to create a Free Trade Area in the goods, services and investment markets. A statement from the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates, quoted by Lusa, says that the two countries are working on "removing barriers...

Moçambique vai ratificar zona de comércio livre em África

Mozambique to ratify free trade zone in Africa

"Mozambique is awaiting the ratification by the Assembly of the Republic, later this year, of the Resolution of the African Free Trade Area Agreement (AfCFTA), which together with the National Implementation Strategy and the Tariff Offer, will make the implementation of this agreement effective," assured Silvino Moreno, Minister of Industry and Trade, during the opening of the Forum of Executive Directors...


Government says conditions exist for the country to take advantage of free trade zone opportunities

The Minister of Industry and Trade says that the conditions are in place to position the country on the international scene, with a view to taking advantage of the opportunities offered by the African continental free trade zone. Silvino Moreno explains that the package of economic acceleration measures launched by the President of the Republic and the recent start of...