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Aparatoso acidente de viação condiciona trânsito na cidade de Maputo

Major road accident affects traffic in Maputo city

Road accidents continue to cause embarrassment for citizens traveling in Maputo city. This time, Avenida 24 de Julho, near the Malanga market, witnessed a multiple vehicle collision. The collision involved more than four vehicles, including a semi-collective passenger transport, which was leaving downtown in the direction of...

Aparatoso acidente de viação mata oito pessoas em Nampula

Road accident kills eight people in Nampula

An apparent road accident killed eight people on board a semi-collective passenger transport vehicle on Monday in the Namina Administrative Post, Mecubúri district, in Nampula province. Six people died on the spot. Most of the victims were shopkeepers. The accident also resulted in the injury of around...

Acidente de viação mata 45 peregrinos da Páscoa na África do Sul

Road accident kills 45 Easter pilgrims in South Africa

A bus crash in northern South Africa killed 45 pilgrims traveling from Botswana for Easter festivities on Thursday, authorities said, with the only survivor being an eight-year-old girl currently being treated in hospital. South African police said that 31 female passengers and 15 male...

Acidente de viação causa 17 feridos na Manhiça

Road accident causes 17 injuries in Manhiça

Seventeen people suffered serious and minor injuries as a result of six accidents over the weekend in the district of Manhiça, Maputo province. The accidents took place on National Road Number One (EN1). Of the 17 people injured, four are in serious condition and have been transferred to Maputo Central Hospital, 11 have been discharged, while the rest...

África do Sul: Moçambicanos dados como desaparecidos no acidente na mina de platina  

South Africa: Mozambicans reported missing in platinum mine accident  

Two Mozambicans have been missing since Monday's accident at the Impala Platinum mine in Rosternberg, North West Province, South Africa. So far, 16 people have died and 75 have been injured. Regarding the missing Mozambicans, Rádio Moçambique reported this morning that there is still no certainty as to whether or not they are still alive....

Colisão entre comboios faz 39 feridos na Moamba, Maputo

Collision between trains injures 39 in Moamba, Maputo

The Executive Director of Caminhos de Ferro de Moçambique (CFM), in the southern region, said that a rail accident involving trains in the early hours of today caused 39 injuries, in the district of Moamba, Maputo province. The 39 lightly injured, five of whom were children, were taken to the Moamba Health Center, 31 were discharged from hospital,...