Syrah Resources denies illegality in the dismissal of workers in Balama

Syrah Resources nega ilegalidade no despedimento de trabalhadores em Balama

The company Syrah Resources, which exploits graphite in Cabo Delgado, said yesterday that the expelled workers incurred disciplinary proceedings after they engaged in an ?illegal strike? at its mine in Balama.

According to the company, in a statement quoted by Lusa, given the extensive and illegal nature of the actions taken by the group, disciplinary proceedings were eventually brought against 14 workers, who were given the opportunity to respond under the legal framework of the Labour Code. The result of the disciplinary process ended up dictating the dismissal of 12 of the 14 workers," said Syrah Resources, in a note.

Recall that a group of workers from Twigg Exploration & Mining, a subsidiary of the Australian group Syrah Resources, last week accused the firm of illegally firing employees who were involved in a strike in November at its Cabo Delgado mine.

According to the workers' representative, Tobias António, all from Cabo Delgado, the strike was collective and peaceful, but the company fired workers, chosen to represent the other employees at the time of mediation, over the phone.

Meanwhile, although Syrah Resources considers, in its reaction note, that 12 workers were fired, the representative of the plaintiffs says that the measure was extended to a total of 23 people, in a case that has been dragging on since December last year and was submitted to the authorities of Cabo Delgado, especially the local government.

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