"Rwanda troop success weakens Nyusi's position" - Consultant

“Sucesso das tropas do Ruanda enfraquece posição de Nyusi” – Consultora

The consultancy Eurasia considered on Friday that the success of Rwanda's troops in fighting the insurgency in the north of the country opens space for criticism from Frelimo leaders and diminishes confidence in Nyusi's ability to lead the armed forces.

"The success of Rwanda's armed forces in fighting the insurgency raises questions about leadership in Mozambique," the analysts write in a commentary on developments in the north of the country.

In the document, sent to clients and to which Lusa had access, the Eurasia analysts write that "the speed with which Rwandan forces defeated insurgents in Cabo Delgado led elites within the ruling Frente para a Libertação de Moçambique [Frelimo] to question the ability of President Filipe Nyusi to lead the Mozambican army."

Prior to the involvement of Rwandan troops in fighting the insurgents who have been spreading violence in the province for more than three years, "Mozambican troops struggled to mitigate the insurgency and were accused of committing various abuses."

In the opinion of these analysts, "although Nyusi is unlikely to be fired, the decline in confidence in his leadership may affect the succession debate within Frelimo."

The President, they conclude, "hopes to choose his successor to avoid accusations due to his likely involvement in the trial over the hidden debts," the analysts conclude.

The comment comes on the same day that the President of Rwanda visits the north of the country. Paul Kagamé will participate, as a guest of honor, in the celebrations of September 25, Mozambique's Armed Defense Forces Day.

Mocímboa da Praia was occupied by insurgents for a year, until early August, until it was recaptured by Mozambican and Rwandan forces - who together with troops from the Southern African Development Community (SADC) are turning the tide of conflict in favor of the state forces.

The government approved on Tuesday in a session of the Council of Ministers the reconstruction plan for Cabo Delgado for the period 2021-24, the details of which were referred to ceremonies to be held soon.

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