Succession: Once again a lack of consensus leads to the postponement of the election of the Frelimo candidate

Sucessão: Mais uma vez falta de consenso volta a ditar o adiamento da eleição do candidato da Frelimo

The Frelimo party's choice of candidate for President of the Republic will have to be given to the caesarean section. 

The debate is now in its third day and there is no consensus on who should be the future leader of the Frelimo party and possibly replace the President of the Republic in the Presidency.

What happened was that the Central Committee (CC) was not satisfied with the list of pre-candidates presented by the Political Commission (PC) and demanded that more names be included.

 The idea was initially not well received by the President of the Republic and other members of the PC. However, after much debate, there was a compromise and two more names were included in the initial list. They are Aires Ali and Basílio Monteiro.

The debate continued to be intense and without a consensus, it was postponed until tomorrow, at around 10 a.m. at the party's headquarters in Matola.

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