Filipe Nyusi's succession: There is still no consensus for the election of the Frelimo candidate

Sucessão de Filipe Nyusi : Ainda não há consenso para a eleição  do candidato da Frelimo

Everything indicates that it hasn't been an easy task to elect a candidate with a consensus within the Frelimo party for next October's presidential elections.

After long hours of analyzing the names put forward by the Political Commission, the members of the Central Committee decided to postpone the debate to today (04.05) from 10am.

According to what the press has learned, the issue is the lack of consensus among the CC members on the names put forward by the Political Commission (PC).

In fact, the CC wants more options in terms of names to broaden the debate. In other words, it wants more names to be included with a view to electing the party's presidential candidate.

And everything seems to have a logical explanation. The list presented by the CP and which very quickly flooded the social networks included the names of Roque Silva (Secretary General of Frelimo), Damião José (Member of the Political Commission) and Daniel Chapo (Member of the Central Committee).

It is known that the CC may also present some names that will join the names that will again be nominated by the CP as candidates to succeed the President of the Republic, Filipe Nyusi.

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